What is the number 1 rated restaurant in Madrid?

Madrid’s most prestigious restaurant is DiverXO. With three Michelin stars and award-winning chef David Muñoz at the helm, it’s one of the most exclusive eateries in the Spanish capital.

Where do chefs eat in Madrid?

Where to Eat in Madrid

  • De La Riva: Calle Cochabamba, 13; +34 914 58 89 54.
  • Sacha: Calle Juan Hurtado de Mendoza, 11; +34 913 45 59 52.
  • Streetxo: Calle de Serrano, 52; +34 915 31 98 84.
  • La Tasquita de Enfrente: Calle de la Ballesta, 6; +34 915 32 54 49.
  • Club del Gourmet in El Corte Inglés Department Store.

Where should I eat in Madrid at night?

The Best Late-Night Eats in Madrid

  • Caripen. Restaurant, French, Italian, Mediterranean.
  • Taquería Mi Ciudad. Restaurant, Mexican, Fast Food, Central American, Vegetarian.
  • Café de la Luz. Bar, Cafe, Spanish, Coffee, European.
  • Bodega la Ardosa.
  • Greek and Shop.
  • Chocolatería San Ginés.

How do you eat like a local in Madrid?

How to Eat Like a Local in Madrid

  1. Know that Tapas are More than Small Plates. Dinner in Madrid means tapas!
  2. Know the Timetable.
  3. Go Seasonal.
  4. Try a Typical Breakfast.
  5. Don’t Forget Second Breakfast.
  6. Enjoy a Menú del Día For Lunch.
  7. Stop by a Traditional Market.
  8. Go for Merienda.

How late are restaurants open Madrid?

Although bars and cafeterias will stay open all day from early in the morning to serve breakfasts until late at night, most restaurants don’t usually open until after 1am for lunch and 8:30pm for dinner.

What time is dinner in Madrid Spain?

9–11 p.m.
Merienda (Mid-afternoon snack): 5–6:30 p.m. Aperitif: 8–10 p.m. Dinner: 9–11 p.m.

Is Madrid a cheap city?

Madrid is one of Europe’s cheapest capital cities, perfect for the traveler on a budget – you can eat, drink and get around town without spending a lot. Here’s a list of what to see, what to do and important things to know if you’re planning to visit Madrid on the cheap.

Is Madrid Spain expensive?

Prices in Madrid are slightly less expensive than in most European cities, especially compared to towns like Florence, Amsterdam or Vienna. In Spain’s capital, it is relatively easy to find a good hotel for an affordable price and the public transport system is inexpensive.