What is the purpose of a non fouler?

The non fouler could function as a short-lived fix for the engine problem. They stop the spark plugs from getting damaged and repair spark plug fouling if the engine has run too rich or if there are some oil issues.

What does a spark plug anti fouler do?

The spark plug non-fouler, or spark plug anti fouler is the plug that can not only stop spark plug damage but also fix spark plug fouling. There are many situations when the engines run too rich or have oil issues. In short, the spark plug non-fouler can improve engine performance.

How do you install a non fouler?

How To Install Spark Plug Non-Fouler In Your Car?

  1. Fit the sensor. Your car can have room for either one or two spark plugs non-fouler.
  2. Screw spark plug & Unscrew the sensor. After successfully locating the sensor inside spark plug non-fouler,
  3. Reinstall & Reconnect.

How does a Defouler work?

you install the defouler on the lower one where it meets up to the exhaust. That one’s only purpose is to tell whether the catalytic converter is working or not. The defouler pulls the sensor out of the exhaust gas stream and tricks the computer into thinking you you still have a functioning cat.

How do I stop my spark plugs fouling?

If you can’t avoid a lot of idling or short trip driving, refer to the spark plug supplier’s catalog for a spark plug that is one heat range HOTTER than the standard spark plugs specified for your engine. Increasing the heat range slightly can improve fouling resistance by helping the plugs run hotter.

How do you bypass the Check Engine Light on a catalytic converter?

How To Bypass Catalytic Converter Check Engine Light-A guide

  1. Step 1: Disconnecting the oxygen sensor and dismounting the convertor.
  2. Step 2: You should add a bypass pipe to replace the converter.
  3. Step 3: Reattach the oxygen sensor.
  4. Step 4: The check engine light will turn off.

What is a dummy 02 sensor?

“Faking out” an oxygen sensor refers to the process of bypassing the sensor so that the sensor does not relay the correct information to the system’s computer.