What is the timeline of Apollo 13?

Event GET (hhh:mm:ss) GMT Date
Terminal countdown started at T-28 hours. -028: 00:00 10 Apr 1970
Scheduled 9-hour 13-minute hold at T-9 hours. -009: 00:00 11 Apr 1970
Countdown resumed at T-9 hours. -009: 00:00 11 Apr 1970
Scheduled 1-hour hold at T-3 hours 30 minutes. -003:30:00 11 Apr 1970

Did they really play Spirit in the Sky on Apollo 13?

6. In the film, the Apollo 13 crew plays “Spirit in the Sky” after their successful launch, but in reality they played the theme from Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey—which had just come out in 1968 and also inspired the name of their command module, Odyssey (also so named for its Homeric significance).

Is Jim Lovell still married to Marilyn?

Instead, Lovell, 92, is sequestered with his wife, Marilyn, in their home until the pandemic is over. Apollo 13, NASA’s third mission to land on the moon, launched on April 11, 1970 from the Kennedy Space Center, but was derailed after an oxygen tank failed and the crew’s lives were put in danger.

Is Jack Swigert still alive?

December 27, 1982Jack Swigert / Date of death

How many relatives did Ron Howard have in Apollo 13?

With the filmmaker’s father in the role of the Reverend in the film; brother Clint portraying NASA engineer Sy Liebergot; and his wife Cheryl and their daughter Bryce Dallas Howard in uncredited roles, Apollo 13 was a family affair for Ron Howard.

Did Marilyn Lovell ever get her ring back?

In the film, we see Jim Lovell’s wife lose her wedding ring down the shower drain. Marilyn Lovell says that this happened in real life, saying, “To me, it felt like the worst omen of all” but she was later able to get the ring back (AMC).

Is James Lovell Still Alive 2021?

Lovell is a veteran of four space missions and received the Congressional Space Medal of Honor and the Presidential Medal of Freedom. At age 92, he lives in suburban Chicago.

What happened to John Swigert?

Weeks after Swigert won the election in November, he died of respiratory failure on Dec. 28, 1982, just days before he would have been sworn in to Congress, at the age of 51.