What is tourism products and services?

Tourism Products are a combination of goods and services demanded by a tourist during travel to and stay at a destination. These include natural, cultural and manmade attractions and facilities such as hotels, transport and ancillary services.

What are examples of tourism related activities?

Tourism Activities

  • Trekking in the primary forest. Excellent hiking opportunities abound in the park and you could spend days trekking though the forest.
  • Wildlife Night-spotting.
  • Bird watching.
  • Cycling.
  • Amphibians, insects, reptiles spotting.
  • Tour to biodiversity hotspots.
  • Traditional music performance.
  • Kayaking.

What are the 8 sectors of tourism?

The following are the eight sectors of tourism:

  • Accommodation.
  • Adventure Tourism and Recreation.
  • Attractions.
  • Events and Conferences.
  • Food and Beverage.
  • Tourism Services.
  • Transportation.
  • Travel Trade.

What are the tourism and hospitality services?

The Hospitality Industry

Category Examples
Travel Services Travel Agents/ OTA’s Airlines Cruise Ships Rail/ Bus Car EcoTourism
Food and Beverage Services Restaurants Catering Institutional
Conventions and Event Management Meetings Expositions Social and Special Events
Clubs City Private Country Clubs

What are the tourism services in the Philippines?

The main sectors of tourism in the Philippines are:

  • Casino and Gambling.
  • Cruise Lines.
  • Island Resorts.
  • General Tourism/Business Visits and Hotels.
  • Yachting and Sailing.
  • Scuba Diving.
  • Medical Tourism.
  • Negative Aspects of the Philippine Tourism Industry.

What is ancillary services in tourism?

Ancillary services refer to all the ‘extras’ that tourists may need when going on holiday or on a business trip. Many travel agents offer ancillary services to their customers and make good commission on these products that they sell to them.

What are the different tourism products?

Types of Tourism Products

  • Accommodations; For example, Taj, ITC Hotels.
  • Transportation; For example, Owning taxis, luxury buses, and boats.
  • Retail Travel Agents.
  • Tour Operators.
  • Shopping Centers such as malls.
  • Cinema Theatres such as PVR.
  • Restaurants for Food and Beverages.
  • Tourism Information Centers.

What are the 5 tourism industries?

The 5 industries of tourism are; accommodations, food and beverage Services, recreation and entertainment, transportation, and travel services.

What are the characteristics of tourism services?

What are the five characteristics of tourism as service? The tourism products’ characteristics can be intangibility, inseparability, perishability, variability, etc. For example, serving food to visitors and providing convention centers is the service that a hotel offers.

What is customer service in travel and tourism?

4 Be able to apply customer service and selling skills in travel and tourism situations. Customer service: providing information and advice; providing assistance; dealing with complaints; dealing. with problems eg overbookings, lost property; making sales; after sales advice; product knowledge.

What business is related to tourism?

Included within this sector are services related to road, rail, air and sea travel.

  • Airline Industry.
  • Car Rental.
  • Water Transport.
  • Coach Services.
  • Railway.
  • Spacecraft.
  • Hotels.
  • Shared Accommodation.