What number do I text for Simple Mobile?

Text USAGE to 611611 or select an option below to get your balance.

Is Simple Mobile giving free service?

We are not providing free service, but offer many options to meet a variety of needs.

Does Simple Mobile have a grace period?

If you cancel your plan or downgrade to a lower-priced plan, then the cloud service will only be available for 45 additional days, during which time your data will only be accessible for downloading. After the 45-day grace period, all your content will be deleted, See Simple Mobile Cloud Terms and Conditions here.

How do I add minutes to my simple mobile?

To activate your service, text the word ACTIVATE to 611611 here. To add airtime, text the word ADD to 611611 here. To update your data settings to send MMS and access the Internet, text the word APN to 611611 here.

How can I check my text messages online?

You can use your computer or Android tablet to chat with your friends through Messages for web, which shows what’s on your Messages mobile app. Messages for web sends SMS messages using a connection from your computer to your phone, so carrier fees will apply, just like on the mobile app.

How can I get a free phone plan?

You can qualify for free cell phone service by participating in government benefit programs like SNAP, Medicaid, and SSI. You may also qualify by income. What is Lifeline? Lifeline is a government benefit program that offers eligible customers FREE cell phone service every month.

How do I redeem my simple mobile rewards?

How do I redeem my Points? Once you are logged in to Simple Mobile Rewards, select the “Redeem Points” tab. On the Redeem Points page, you will see all the options available to use with points.

What time does simple mobile turn off service?

Customer service is available seven days a week, Monday to Sunday, 8 a.m. (EST) to 10:45 p.m. (EST). Was this answer helpful? What time is customer support open?

What does reup mean for simple mobile?

About Three Mobile USA Just when you need to call your Mom, text your friend or look something up online. With Recharge.com you can top up your phones immediately. You’ll be back on your phone before you know it! To top up your Simple Mobile Plan simply select the amount you need and enter your phone number.

How can I get free minutes on my phone?

If you are on welfare, food stamps or disability, you may ask the dispensing government agency for a referral to a program that provides prepaid phones and free minutes. Register with the program for your phone and minutes, and will be able to re-load your phone card each month with free minutes from the program.

What is Simple Mobile auto ReUp?

Auto-ReUp will make sure your service stays connected without interruption. Simply register a debit/credit card and your SIMPLE Mobile payment is made for you automatically on your Last Day of Service.

What are the features of simple mobile?

All SIMPLE Mobile plans support Call Waiting, Call Hold, Calling Line Identity Restriction, Calling Line Identity Presentation, 3-way calling, Unlimited SMS to national and international locations, Voicemail and International Long Distance. MMS and IM services are also available but require a data plan.

Is simple mobile payments affiliated with simple mobile®?

Simple Mobile Payments is in no way affiliated with Simple Mobile® or any other entity for which a logo or name may be present. Simple Mobile Payments refers to these logos and or names solely for the purpose of demonstrating the products and or services that it resells.

Is my personal information safe with simple mobile®?

Your personal information is safe. We will never share your email address or personal information with any third-party entity. The Simple Mobile® logo and the Simple Mobile® product images are registered trademarks of Simple Mobile®.

Is simple mobile a registered trademark of TracFone Wireless?

The SIMPLE Mobile® logo and the SIMPLE Mobile® product images are registered trademarks of Tracfone Wireless. Prepaid Bill is in no way affiliated with SIMPLE Mobile® or any other entity for which a logo or name may be present.