What size are my Yaktrax?

What Size Yaktrax Do I Need? Size Extra Large fits Men’s Shoes Sizes 14+ and Women’s Sizes 13-15+. Size Large fits Men’s Shoes Sizes 11.5 to 13.5 and Women’s Sizes 13 to 15. Size Medium fits Men’s Shoes Sizes 9 to 11 and Women’s Shoe Sizes 10.5 to 12.5.

How tight should Yaktrax be?

Poor fitting of Yaktrax® can lead to their loss or damage When wearing Yaktrax® the Yaktrax® coils should sit flat on the sole of the shoe or boot. The outer band of the Yaktrax® should grip the entire outside edge of the footwear. If you are wearing Yaktrax® Pro the strap end should be on the outer edge of the foot.

Does Yaktrax work black ice?

Advise them that Yaktrax® will not protect them on hard pavement with just frost and patches of black ice.

How do you clean Yaktrax?

Properly cleaning and storing your Yaktrax helps extend the life of your products. After each use, we recommend you rinse with clean water, pat dry with a clean towel, and hang them up until your next use.

Do Yaktrax really work?

Despite their diminutive design, the Yaktrax Pro provide amazing traction on snow and packed snow and some additional traction on ice. They are also fine on cobblestone and pavement, even if they have a slightly cushy feel to them.

Can you wear Yaktrax on pavement?

According to Upchurch, the Yaktrax Walker is the original Yaktrax version. It was designed for those walking across icy parking lots, sidewalks, or for simply walking your dog, for example. “It’s perfect for a quick easy way to stay safe on snow and ice,” says Upchurch.

What is an XL in UK size?

Women’s Clothing Sizes

UK Sizes Europen Sizes
18 46
XL 20 48
22 50
XXL 24 52

Are Yaktrax any good?

Are Yak Tracks good?

That said, Yaktrax are cheaper for beginners, and are much better than no traction at all. If you’re a runner, not a hiker, they’re good for road running on slippery/slushy terrain where the longer steel claws of Microspikes would slow you down.

What sizes do Yaktrax® products come in?

There is a guide to sizing on the packet which shows the EU shoe size range for the various Yaktrax® product sizes, XS, S. M, L and XL. Footwear sizing is based on the inside fit of the shoe or boot to our feet.

Are Yaktrax® unisex?

Yaktrax® are unisex. The US sizing shows Men’s and Women’s sizings but EU/UK sizing is unisex. See our Size Chart. Special considerations apply for the very young and the elderly.

What happens if my Yaktrax® are too small?

If the Yaktrax® are too small, they could become over-stretched and develop weak points which snap. If the size of Yaktrax® is too large for the footwear, the coils could extend beyond of the shoe or boot. It is also important to know how to wear your Yaktrax® correctly as shown in our illustrated Fitting guide .

What temperature can I wear Yaktrax® in?

You can wear Yaktrax® in temperatures as low as -40C/-41F as they are designed to be used in the harshest winters. Yaktrax® are unisex.