What weight of fork oil should I use?

Most suspension fluids that are lighter than 5wt are designed specifically to be used in a shock. Fork oils heavier than 5wt get too thin when they get hot. Stick with 5wt fork oil.

What does the W mean in fork oil?

Heavier oil will increase the effective damping, in other words the forks will move up and down a little slower and feel stiffer. Lighter weight oil will do the opposite, allowing the forks to move up and down faster and feel softer.

How do I choose fork oil viscosity?

Instead, look for a fork oil with a high viscosity index (VI). A higher VI indicates better resistance to viscosity changes throughout broad temperature swings. That translates into consistent shock performance and feel despite the ambient and operating conditions. And a consistent ride equals a more effective rider.

How is fork oil capacity measured?

Just measure the oil from the outer tube top to the surface of the oil level. Be sure to place fork on a level surface.

Which fork oil is best?

Castrol Fork Oil 20W is an advanced mineral based suspension fluid designed to provide superior damping performance in all on and off road suspensions.

What viscosity is fork oil?

Generalities. Most cartridge type forks use a viscosity of 16 cSt@40C.

What is the difference between 10W and 15W fork oil?

Without looking up the difference in Centi-stokes, from a practical standpoint, the thicker oil slows down both compression and rebound. 15W would deliver a slightly less compliant ride, so, high-speed compression could feel more “jarring”, and a series of hard bumps would gradually “pack-down” the suspension travel.

What grade is fork oil?

Fork oil is available with different grades of viscosity; the weight of which determines the response of the fork suspension. Most oil companies supply light SAE 5, Medium SAE 10, and Heavy SAE 20. Simply by mixing equal parts of different fork oils with different viscosity grades, a new mixture can be achieved.

What is Belbel-ray high performance fork oil?

Bel-Ray High Performance Fork Oil eliminates stiction and drag while greatly improving fork action.

What is Bel-Ray®?

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Why Bel-Ray lubricants?

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What kind of oil do you use for front suspension forks?

Bel-Ray High Performance Fork Oil is a front suspension oil formulated for use in all suspension forks including those using cartridge and dual chamber systems. Through the use of carefully selected high-viscosity base oils, fade is reduced providing smooth operation over a wide temperature range.