Where can I take my kids in Trinidad?

10 great holiday spots for kids in T

  • Asa Wright Nature Centre.
  • Chuck E Cheese.
  • Harry’s Water Park.
  • NIHERST National Science Centre.
  • Safari Eco Park, Chaguaramas.
  • Emperor Valley Zoo.
  • Jungle Jam.
  • The El Socorro Centre for Wildlife Conservation.

Is Trinidad a beautiful place?

The twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago, the southernmost islands in the Caribbean, are replete with luxuriant rainforests, cascading waterfalls, and palm-tree-lined sandy beaches. Beautiful places to photograph are everywhere.

What is a famous landmark in Trinidad and Tobago?

These are the best places for groups seeking sights & landmarks in Trinidad and Tobago:

  • Fort King George.
  • Mount St. Benedict Monastery.
  • Dattatreya Temple and Hanuman Statue.
  • San Fernando Hill.
  • Fort George.

What is it to do in Trinidad?

Top Attractions in Trinidad

  • Asa Wright Nature Centre. 436. Nature & Wildlife Areas.
  • Maracas Beach. 1,799. Beaches.
  • Las Cuevas Beach. 150. Beaches.
  • Queen’s Park Savannah. 596. Parks.
  • Bamboo Cathedral. Biking Trails • Hiking Trails. By annesha1970.
  • La Brea Pitch Lake. 175.
  • Mount St. Benedict Monastery.
  • Paria Falls. Waterfalls.

How long is bamboo cathedral?

In the Tucker Valley in Chaguaramas is the Bamboo Cathedral, a 300 metre stretch of roadway where the bamboo stalks bend towards each other above the road. Their tops form arcs reminiscent of those found in cathedrals.

Where is Gasparee caves located?

A network of underground caves located on Gasper Grande, the closest island to Chaguaramas Bay in north-west Trinidad. Sculptured caverns, caves and sinkholes have been formed by a combination of wave action, acid rainfall and percolating ground water on the island’s limestone formation.

What are five landmarks in Trinidad?

Trinidad Landmarks and Monuments

  • President’s House. Address: St.
  • Archbishop’s House. Address: 27 Maraval Road, Port of Spain, Trinidad, Trinidad and Tobago, TT.
  • Brian Lara Promenade.
  • Holy Trinity Cathedral.
  • Galera Lighthouse and Family Park.
  • Hall of Justice.
  • Mount Saint Benedict.
  • Northern Range.

What are five landmarks in Tobago?

Memorable historic sites in Tobago

  • Fort King George (Scarborough)
  • Courland Monument (Plymouth)
  • Mystery Tombstone (Plymouth)
  • Fort Granby (Studley Park)
  • Fort James (Plymouth)
  • Speyside Estate Ruins and Waterwheel (Speyside)
  • Sugar mills.
  • Fort Milford (Crown Point)

Is Trinidad fun to visit?

Twelve reasons that I have highlighted why you should travel to Trinidad and Tobago are as follows: Trinidad and Tobago carnival, amazing beaches, affordability, very sunny place, delicious food, beautiful nature, an amazing diving experience, addictive music, Pitch Lake, good chocolate, Tobago Island, and many …