Who does Zac Brown cover?

Artists covered by Zac Brown Band

The Charlie Daniels Band 456
Led Zeppelin 190
Queen 136
Samuel A. Ward and Katharine Lee Bates 127
The Marshall Tucker Band 115

Is the Zac Brown Band a cover band?

Performing for years in a cover band, their experience performing together shows. Great harmonies and tight musicianship make 20 RIDE perfect for outdoor festivals, cool rehearsal dinner parties, killer clubs, rockin’ pool parties or anywhere people love to have fun! If you want more than just Zac, just ask!

What songs has Zac Brown Band covered?

The breadth and depth of the tunes that ZBB have covered over the years is rather staggering — who knew the band once did a snippet of The Simpsons theme?!…Top 10 Zac Brown Band Cover Songs

  • “Dress Blues”
  • “Let’s Go Crazy”
  • “Ants Marching”
  • “Bohemian Rhapsody”
  • “Piano Man”
  • “Kashmir”
  • “Sweet Emotion”
  • “Can’t You See”

Who is ZBTB?

ZBTB is the premier tribute to the chart-topping Zac Brown Band. With 12 number-one singles and three GRAMMY wins, the Zac Brown Band is one of the hottest names in the music business and ZBTB is the first and most authentic tribute to their recorded music and live show.

Who wrote Zac Brown Band songs?

It was written by Zac Brown and Wyatt Durrette, who is not in the band but co-writes many Zac Brown Band songs. Zac Brown is currently enjoying the biggest success in country music. His first four albums are rated as certified platinum, racking up Grammy’s and breaking sales records.

Where is Zac Brown tribute band from?

upstate Carolina
Comprised of good ol’ boys from upstate Carolina, these guys know how to entertain. With an insane work ethic like the real Zac Brown Band, they have a unique ability to include everyone in their show. Performing for years in a cover band, their experience performing together shows.

How did Zac Brown meet his wife?

The two met while Zac was playing a New Year’s Eve show. He had been stood up by a date and ended up sharing a New Year’s kiss with Shelly. After she graduated from college, they tied the knot in 2006. The couple founded Camp Southern Ground together.