Who had the highest signing bonus for the NFL?

1. Dak Prescott: $68,969,810. Prescott takes the top spot largely because he is getting almost all of his NFL-record $66 million signing bonus from the four-year, $160 million contract he signed in March during the 2021 calendar year.

What was the biggest signing bonus ever?

2022 Signing Bonus Rankings

Player signing bonus
1 Dak Prescott Quarterback $66,000,000
2 Russell Wilson Quarterback $65,000,000
3 Matthew Stafford Quarterback $60,000,000
4 Matt Ryan Quarterback $46,500,000

What is a good signing bonus NFL?

Guaranteed money: $107.0 million. Fully guaranteed money: $70.0 million. Signing bonus: $65 million — $13.0 million in cap space for five seasons (four years of extension plus one remaining season from prior contract).

Who’s the lowest paid NFL player?

The Lowest-paid NFL player: Tyrone Swoopes He slightly earned more in 2019, jumping up to $38,000. Between 2017 and 2019, he only managed two receptions for 28 yard on 109 offensive snaps in all his seven regular-season games.

Who’s the richest NFL player?

What is this? As of 2022, Roger Staubach’s net worth is $600 million, making him the richest NFL player in the world.

What was Dak Prescott signing bonus?

$66 million
Prescott’s $66 million signing bonus, which is part of the $95 million, is the largest in league history.

Are signing bonuses paid up front NFL?

The player gets the money up front, but the team prorates the money as half a million in each year of the contract. Even if the player gets cut at the end of year one, his bonus still counts against the cap over the next two years.

Are signing bonuses taxed?

Signing bonuses, like other types of bonuses, often appear to be a major windfall, but because the money is taxed at the recipient’s marginal tax rate, much of the bonus will end up going to the employee’s federal and state government.