Who is David Lyons?

David Lyons (born 16 April 1976) is an Australian actor. He is known for his roles as Josh Holiday in the Nine Network navy drama Sea Patrol (2007-2009), Dr. Simon Brenner in the NBC medical drama ER (2008-2009) and as General Sebastian Monroe in the NBC post-apocalyptic drama Revolution (2012-2014).

Who plays Monroe on Revolution?

David LyonsSebastian ‘Bass’ Monroe / Played by

Who played Ian in Eat Pray Love?

David Lyons
“I don’t have as much estrogen as this storyline does,” David Lyons, the Australian actor who plays Ian in the Eat Pray Love adaptation, said last night on the red carpet of the film’s premiere at the Ziegfeld.

Who plays ET Sea Patrol?

The series kicked off with ET (David Lyons) being killed in a diving accident. Sea Patrol 3 still has the Armidale Class Patrol Boat.

What happened to Dr Brenner on ER?

Simon Brenner in season 14 and was upped to series regular for the 15th and final season. When the medical drama ended he had roles in A Model Daughter: The Killing of Caroline Byrne, Eat Pray Love, starred in the short-lived The Cape, appeared on Revolution and returned to the big screen in Safe Haven.

Who is the Australian actor in Eat Pray Love?

T.J. Power, 24, is an Australian actor from Sydney. He is currently living in Los Angeles. He is an actor and a singer, songwriter and musician.

Who plays Connor in revolution?

Mat Vairo
Connor is the son of Sebastian Monroe and Emma Bennett….

Connor Bennett
Portrayed by Mat Vairo
First appearance The Three Amigos
Appearances 9
Biographical information

Who played Tulsi in Eat Pray Love?

Russhita Singh
Russhita Singh, the Tulsi of ‘Eat Pray Love’

Who is Steven in Eat Pray Love?

Billy Crudup
Eat Pray Love (2010) – Billy Crudup as Stephen – IMDb.

Does Swain died in Sea Patrol?

Jim and Swain are killed in an explosion after trying to disarm a bomb. Kate feels guilty. At the end of the credits, it shows that Mike and Kate end up getting hitched.