Who is the most cited author of all time?

From 1972 to 1992, Professor Chomsky was cited 7,449 times in the Social Science Citation Index-likely the greatest number of times for a living person there as well, although the research into those numbers isn’t complete. In addition, from 1974 to 1992 he was cited 1,619 times in the Science Citation Index.

How do you determine corresponding author?

Often, the corresponding author is also the last author, but she or he may be listed first or even in the middle of the author list.” All authors take responsibility for the paper (or should). The point of the corresponding author is who to contact if you want to correspond about the paper.

What does author order mean?

Authorship order In many disciplines, the author order indicates the magnitude of contribution, with the first author adding the most value and the last author representing the most senior, predominantly supervisory role.

What is mean by corresponding author?

A corresponding author is the individual who, when working on a paper with multiple authors, takes primary responsibility for communicating with the journal you intend to publish in.

Who is the most cited author?

Sherif M Badawy

What does senior author mean?

A senior author is usually a senior member of the project team who served as the driving force behind the concept, organized the project, and provided guidance throughout execution of the project.

What is the reputation of the author?

The Reputation of the Author Some information sources clearly indicate who is responsible for the work. This may be an individual author, a corporate author, or a sponsoring agency such as an association or organization. Others give no indication of authorship or responsibility.

What is the most cited scientific paper ever?

Most-cited papers The most-cited paper of all time is a paper by Oliver Lowry describing an assay to measure the concentration of proteins. By 2014 it had accumulated more than 305,000 citations.

How do you mention a corresponding author in a paper?

The corresponding author should be marked with an asterisk after the name, and be written corresponding author’s e-mail below the first page of manuscript. The asterisk shall be omitted if there is only one author. It is not required for the corresponding author to take charge of the main author.

Who should be the last author?

The last author is usually the group leader or PI who may have given significant intellectual inputs and supervised the work, but might not have actively conducted the experiments or written the manuscript. The last author is also often the corresponding author.

What was the name of the author guide?

Lhamo. Phamo. Tsetan.

Who is more important first author or corresponding author?

This is a common doubt, especially at the beginning of a researcher’s career, but easy to explain: fundamentally, a corresponding author takes the lead in the manuscript submission for publication process, whereas the first author is actually the one who did the research and wrote the manuscript.

How many authors can be on a paper?

Answer: There is no limitation to the number of co-authors on a paper. However, it is important to ensure that all of them have contributed in significant ways and can actually qualify to be a co-author.

Who should first author?

Ideally, the first author should be that person who has made the maximum intellectual contribution to work, in terms of designing the study, acquiring and analyzing data from experiments, and writing the manuscript. The order of authors should be decided by the relative overall contributions to the manuscript.