Who made Umana Yana?

It was designed by Guyanese architect, Mr. George Henry and was built on the site of the old Marine’s Club. The structure took 80 days to be completed.

When was Umana Yana built?

August 1972
The Umana Yana (pronounced oo-man-a yan-na) is a conical palm thatched hut (benab) erected for the Non-Aligned Foreign Ministers Conference in Georgetown, Guyana in August 1972 as a V.I.P. lounge and recreation centre….

Umana Yana
Location Kingston, Georgetown, Guyana
Coordinates 6.824448°N 58.162576°W
Completed 1972

What is the height of the Umana Yana?

The Umana Yana stood 55 feet (16.78 metres) high and was made from thatched allibanna and manicole palm leaves, and wallaba posts lashed together with mukru, turu and nibbi vines.

What is the 1972 monument?

THE NON- ALIGNED MONUMENT The monument commemorates the 1972 Conference of Foreign Ministers of Non- Aligned countries when it was held in August. The monument was unveiled by His Excellency Mr. Arthur Chung, the first president of Guyana.

What does the Umana Yana signify?

Umana Yana is a wai-wai word meaning “meeting place of the people.” “Umana Yana” is a wai wai word which means “meeting place of the people” in English. Umana Yana is an Amerindian expression for “meeting place of the people.

What is a Benab?

Definition of benab : a native hut or shelter in Guiana.

Where is the Indian immigration monument located in Guyana?

Palmyra Village
One year after being open-ed to the general public, the Indian Immigration Monument, located at Palmyra Village, East Berbice, directly opposite the entrance to the Berbice River Bridge, has become a popular location for locals and visitors.

What is a Benab used for?

A benab is a ‘meeting place’ for the Indigenous People of Guyana.

How do you spell Benab?

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What is called Monument?

1 : a structure (as a building, stone, or statue) made to keep alive the memory of a person or event. 2 : something that serves as a good reminder or example “That is a monument to the foolishness of love.”—