Who won at Bound for Glory?

Nine matches were contested at the event, including one on the pre-show. In what had been the advertised main event, Josh Alexander defeated Christian Cage to win the Impact World Championship….

Bound for Glory (2021)
Date October 23, 2021
City Sunrise Manor, Nevada
Venue Sam’s Town Live
Pay-per-view chronology

What happened at Bound for Glory 2006?

It was the second event under the Bound for Glory chronology. Eight professional wrestling matches were featured on the event’s card, with Jeff Jarrett defending his NWA World Heavyweight Championship against Sting with the stipulation that Sting would retire from professional wrestling if he’d lose.

What is glory bound?

Bound for Glory is the name of a longstanding white power music band (dating back to 1989) from Minneapolis. It is popular among white supremacists. The main symbol associated with the band is a Thor’s Hammer containing the band’s initials. Also common are the band’s initials in or superimposed over an Iron Cross.

Who was the demon at Bound For Glory?

Dale Torborg
Dale Torborg, most notably known as WCW’s KISS Demon, made his IMPACT Wrestling return during Bound For Glory’s Call Your Shot Gauntlet match, following a nearly 15-year stint away from professional wrestling.

When did ECW turn extreme?

Extreme Championship Wrestling

Formerly Eastern Championship Wrestling Inc. (1992–1994) Extreme Championship Wrestling Inc. (1994–1996)
Defunct April 4, 2001 (de facto) January 31, 2007 (de jure)
Fate Bankruptcy, assets acquired by World Wrestling Entertainment Inc.
Successor ECW (WWE brand)

What is the title of the book Woody Guthrie wrote to capture the life and times of migrant workers?

An autobiography set in Oklahoma, Texas, California, New York, and on the open road from the 1910s to the 1940s; published in 1943. Bound for Glory details the life of the wellknown folksinger Woody Guthrie.