Who won Jagged Edge vs 112?

112 defeats Jagged Edge in Verzuz battle — see REVOLT’s scorecard here – REVOLT.

Did 112 and Jagged Edge battle?

Jagged Edge in ‘Verzuz’ Battle of R&B Powerhouses: See Billboard’s Scorecard and Winner For the Showdown. On Monday night (May 25), ’90s powerhouses 112 and Jagged Edge squared off in a two-hour battle for the latest edition of ‘Verzuz. ‘

Who did Jagged Edge do Verzuz with?

Swizz Beatz and Timbaland have announced the latest Verzuz battle: it will feature legendary R&B groups 112 and Jagged Edge going song for song. The two groups will each play 20 of their most iconic songs on Memorial Day, Monday, May 25th.

Did Jagged Edge do a versus battle?

The latest 112 vs Jagged Edge Verzuz Battle pits two of the most popular male R&B groups of the last couple of decades against each other. We previewed the battle here for details on each group and a break down of their history. You can also listen to their latest singles.

What was 112 Biggest hit?

The Top 10 Best Songs by 112

  • Only You (featuring The Notorious B.I.G. & Mase)
  • Cupid.
  • I Will Be There.
  • Love Me (featuring Ma$e)
  • Anywhere (featuring Lil’ Zane)
  • Love You Like I Did.
  • It’s Over Now.
  • Peaches & Cream.

Who was the winner of the Versus battle?

The singers with distinctly different styles gave each other a tough competition, but the viewers have chosen one clear winner – and it is Anthony.

Where is Jagged Edge from?

Atlanta, Georgia
Jagged Edge is an American R&B group from Atlanta, Georgia. The group, initially signed to record producer Jermaine Dupri’s So So Def Recordings, is best known for their string of hit singles including “Let’s Get Married” and “Where the Party At” (featuring Nelly), most of which were produced by Dupri.

Is 112 still a group?

112 (pronounced “one-twelve”) is an American R&B group from Atlanta, Georgia. Formerly artists on Bad Boy Records, the group signed to the Def Soul roster in 2002….112 (band)

Also known as Forte
Origin Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.
Genres R&B, hip hop, hip hop soul
Years active 1993–present

What was 112 first hit?

Only You
The first single from 112 – “Only You” – was hated by the group because of the restrained vocals, which they felt wasn’t the best song to showcase their singing.

Do artist get paid for versus battle?

Does Verzuz pay? From the looks of it, it doesn’t appear that artists get paid solely for their participation in Verzuz. But the platform still poses a huge benefit by exposing them to hundreds of thousands of fans who tune in to watch the online battles.

Who was the last Verzuz battle?

In the last Verzuz battle between Bone Thugs-N-Harmony and Three 6 Mafia, a fight broke out between the legendary rap groups. During the live stream, things got physical after the fourth round when the two groups threw harsh insults at each other.