Will NRF 2022 cancel?

The National Retail Federation recently confirmed that its annual US-based industry event, the Big Show, now in its 112th year, will still continue in person as planned, despite rising Covid cases across the country. NRF 2022 will run from 16th to 18th January, with an opening party on 15th January.

What is the NRF Big Show?

Retail’s BIG Show, or the NRF Annual Convention & EXPO, is the flagship industry event of the National Retail Federation (NRF). Retail’s BIG Show is an annual event held over three days in New York City.

Is NRF open for 2022?

All Framework and Funding and Application Guide documents as well as the General Application Guide 2022, are available on the NRF website at https://www.nrf.ac.za/funding/framework-documents….Announcement of NRF One Call for Proposals 2021/2022.

Opening Date 09 February 2021
Closing Date 31 December 2021
Application Submission Click here

What NRF means?

National Retail Federation

What does NRF stand for?


Acronym Definition
NRF National Retail Federation
NRF NATO Response Force
NRF National Response Framework
NRF National Research Foundation (South Africa)

What do attendees learn at the NRF Annual Convention & Expo?

NRF’s Annual Convention & EXPO provides retailers with an opportunity to learn about recent changes and trends in the industry and to network with other retailers and vendors.

What is NRF retail converge?

NRF Retail Converge is a new virtual event that offers deep exploration of multiple specialties within the retail industry. This five-day experience provides the depth of a workshop and the breadth of a conference, helping you develop new strategies for your business and expand your perspective on the future of retail.