How do you write a layout for a blog?

Blog layout best practices to remember in 2021

  1. Make it a cumulative “learning center”
  2. Include article quick-summary boxes.
  3. Use a blog card layout.
  4. Use large, high-quality featured images.
  5. Narrow grid for your blog content.
  6. Utilize legible typography across all devices.
  7. Use short descriptive subheadings.

What is the layout of a blog?

A blog layout should be more spare than most web pages so the text stands out more. You can have a minimal layout with a header, single-column posts and a few sidebars, or it can be more complex. Just make sure it isn’t messy. These tips can help you create a blog that’s both fun to look at and easy to read.

What is blog and example?

A blog (a shortened version of “weblog”) is an online journal or informational website displaying information in reverse chronological order, with the latest posts appearing first, at the top. It is a platform where a writer or a group of writers share their views on an individual subject.

What is example of blogging platforms?

Compare the 8 Best Blog Website Builders

Storage space
Squarespace Wix GoDaddy
4.7 4.7 3.9
$12 $14 $9.99
Unlimited 500MB – 50GB Unlimited

Which of the following are the examples of blogging platforms?

10 Best Blog Sites for 2022

  1. – Best for Free Blogs. is a blog site hosting service by Automattic.
  2. – Best for Self-Hosted Blogs.
  3. – Best for Small Business Owners.
  4. – Best for Small Websites.

What are the key features of a blog?

10 main characteristics and features of a blog

  • A Blog Must Always Be Dynamic.
  • Posts Are Displayed in Reverse Order.
  • Most Blogs Have the Same Structure.
  • The Blog’s Leading Star Is Its Content.
  • Headlines Should Be Attention Grabbers.
  • One Rule Applies to All Blogs: Relevancy.
  • Blogs and Links Go Hand in Hand.

How are blogs organized?

In essence, there are two ways of organizing blog posts into groups: using hierarchical terms (e.g. categories which can have sub-categories and sub-sub-categories etc) and nonhierarchical terms (e.g. tags which don’t have “subtags”).

What is an example of a simple blog layout?

Here’s another beautiful, creative and simple blog layout example from a travel blog called Rojo Cangrejo. At the top of their blog, there’s a huge sliding image with links.

How to design a winning blog layout?

My final best practice for designing a winning blog layout, is to make layout decisions with your audience in mind—because what appeals to one group of people, may not be as relatable to another. If you’re asking yourself… do people still read blogs? Well, the answer is a resounding yes.

What is a featured section on a blog?

Below this “featured section,” you’ll get a more traditional blog layout with the post feed on the left and a sidebar on the right. The post feed uses excerpts to help give the user more context into what the article will be about and includes a prominent read more button that can’t be missed.

Does your blog’s layout matter?

What these statistics do mean however, is that your images matter as well—and high-quality images & graphics will make your blog layout that much more appealing, more shareable and more memorable to your readers. Let’s look at the famous blog Humans of New York.