What does matching numbers on a gun mean?

matching numbersnoun. (Firearms, on a bolt action rifle), corresponding serial numbers on both the removable bolt and the frame of the rifle.

What is a match grade gun?

Match grade frequently refers to quality firearm parts and ammunition that are suitable for a competitive match. Sometimes it also refers to other devices and parts that are made with high precision in mind.

What caliber is a FNC1?

Chambered in 7.62×51 standard NATO ammunition. The FNC1 saw service in the Canadian Army till it was replaced by the C7, (M16A1E1) design. 5.56×45 Standard NATO caliber in 1984.

Can you hunt with match grade ammo?

So the same guys that are pushing the concept of long-range hunting are promoting the use of match bullets. That is because only a match bullet is sufficiently fragile enough to expand at such low impact velocities. If you want to shoot elk at 1000-yards, a match bullet is your only real option.

Who makes the best match ammo?

1. Federal Premium. This company has been around in one form or another since the 1920s. And Federal Premium Ammunition has become one of the premier ammunition manufacturers during that time.

Who still uses the FAL?


Place of origin Belgium
Service history
In service 1953–present
Used by 90+ countries (See Users)

What are the features of match guns?

They mainly produce high quality small bore handguns and pistols for 10 m distance. Typical detail of Match Guns are the designed grips. We offer a wide range of Match Guns products.

Does the match gun have barrel weights?

The match gun has removable barrel weights. Not as nose heavy as the Pardini. Excellent balance. I had an email conversation with Kang Chua, the US distributor. Some of what Kang said –

Will the Mg2 Bullseye barrel be the same size as the Pardini?

One of the marketing points the MG2 uses is that their barrel is the maximum length despite being a more compact pistol. So the MG2 Bullseye may well be a very similar overall length as the Pardini 6 in.