Where are NZ Toyotas made?

Toyota New Zealand’s key operations are based from three locations: the National Customer Centre in Palmerston North, Thames Vehicle Operations in Thames and a Port of Entry facility and Corporate Sales Office in Auckland.

How many Toyota dealerships are there in NZ?

35 dealers
Toyota has 35 dealers in New Zealand run by 25 owners. The move, which started on April 1, is designed to completely realign the relationship its dealers have with their Toyota customers and allows the company to set the same price for its cars across the whole of the New Zealand retail network.

How many subsidiaries does Toyota have?

Toyota Motor Corporation produces vehicles under five brands: Daihatsu, Hino, Lexus, Ranz and the namesake Toyota.

How do I find my Toyota customer number?

You will need your Customer ID number. You can find it in the welcome letter you received at the start of your loan or any other letter that we have sent you. What types of finance are available from Toyota Finance?

When did Toyota stop making cars in NZ?

Toyota led the way with the best quality assembly plants in the country, culminating in winning the NZ Quality Award in 1993. Local assembly ceased in New Zealand in the late 90s after the Government lifted tariffs on imported vehicles.

Are cars made in NZ?

New Zealand no longer assembles passenger cars. Assembly plants closed after tariff protection was removed and distributors found it cheaper to import cars fully assembled. Cars had been assembled at a rate nearing 100,000 a year in 1983 but with the country’s economic difficulties their numbers dropped sharply.

How many stores does Toyota have?

TMS oversees the sales of Toyota and Lexus products in 49 states through a network of over 1,200 Toyota dealers (of whom more than 900 also previously sold Scion vehicles) and over 200 Lexus dealers. California has the greatest number of Toyota dealerships of any other state at 172 dealerships.

What is Toyotas sister company?

Toyota Motor Corp. owns Lexus and Toyota. And it has a stake in Subaru and Suzuki.

Where is Toyotas headquarters?

Toyota, Aichi, JapanToyota / Headquarters

Where is Toyota’s head office?