What does CEEQUAL do?

CEEQUAL is the evidence-based sustainability assessment, rating and awards scheme for civil engineering, infrastructure, landscaping and public realm projects. We promote and celebrate the achievement of high environmental and social performance.

What does CEEQUAL stand for?

CEEQUAL – The Civil Engineering Environmental Quality Assessment & Award Scheme Manual – Version.

What is a CEEQUAL assessor?

CEEQUAL assessors assess the sustainability of infrastructure, civil engineering, landscaping, and public realm projects. The assessor influences the project team to consider sustainability issues at appropriate times.


CEEQUAL promotes sustainable practices from early in a project’s life. This influences decision-making and encourages efficiency and value engineering. Major cost savings can be achieved through design changes, reduced resource consumption and waste, and alternative material choices.

What is BREEAM excellent rating?

Especially if you only count the BREEAM approved ones! A building can only achieve BREEAM Outstanding if it achieves a score of 85% or above. This takes into account the energy efficiency, how sustainably it was built and how well it will respond to user needs.

What is BREEAM certification?

BREEAM is an easy to use certification system which permits to know a building environmental performance. This certification system helps professional to improve their environmental impact. A BREEAM certification is a proof of their implication in a sustainable environmental approach.

What is BREEAM full form?

BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) is a voluntary green building sustainability rating system established in the UK for assessing the environmental performance of buildings.

Who created BREEAM?

The Building Research Establishment
Who started BREEAM? The Building Research Establishment, a private organization based in the United Kingdom, created the BREEAM beginning in 1988, with the first widespread usage of the standards in 1990.

What is the building council that represents LEED?

U.S. Green Building Council
LEED rating system | U.S. Green Building Council.

Is LEED used in the UK?

Both programs have benefits and disadvantages. LEED certification is the only system used in the United States. Further, it is the more globally accepted methodology of the two programs, except in the UK (although LEED is starting to gain a stronger foothold in Britain).