Who works well with Soraka?

Varus is also a really good pick for Soraka since his ulti leaves him vulnerable to counter ganks while he’s using it. Kogmaw doesn’t get too far either. And since no-one will ever keep up with Kai’sa (with her massive jump on her ulti) Soraka might be good with her too.

What kind of support is Soraka?

Soraka does best with attack speed-based champions, so she can really make use of Ardent Censer. Soraka doesn’t do super poorly with anyone, unless the carry is reliant on supports that provide mobility, like Tahm Kench or Thresh.

Why is Soraka so strong?

What makes Soraka so strong in the top lane is her ability to sustain with low mana cost abilities that heal herself for a significant amount. She can negate any trade damage with her Q’s self-healing and movement speed, and go relatively even with most top lane champions.

How do you deal with brand as soraka?

As a Soraka to need to be able to dodge his skill shots and primarily try not to get stunned by side stepping and silencing his and running away with your Equinox and Starcall. But for teamfights you need to see when Brand ‘s ultimate is bouncing around and need to know when you hit your Wish .

What is the best spell for soraka as support?

As a support you need all the kills you can get, but don’t kill steal all the time. 1 – 3 kills is good for you, but if you get flamed for stealing all ur adc’s kills, you are now the ADC, jk. But in general Ignite would probably be the best spell to take. Barrier is a great Summoner Spells for Soraka, its a big amount of shielding against her.

How much movement speed does soraka get from Astral infusion?

Cafe Cuties Soraka 1350 Never! Soraka gains 70% movement speed when moving towards allied champions below 40% of their maximum health who are outside of Astral Infusion’s range. Soraka calls down a star at a target location.