Why is always available offline grayed out?

If it shows Make available offline option selected and grayed out then it could be a administratively pinned folder which a normal user can’t change. If it shows Make available offline option unselected and grayed out then it could be that server disabled this share for offline usage.

How do I turn on Always available offline?

Enable ‘Always available offline’ feature on Windows 10 To enable the “Always available offline” option for network files, use these steps: Open File Explorer on Windows 10. Navigate to the network folder you want to keep offline. Right-click the folder and select the Always available offline option.

How do I fix my offline sync?

Go to the mapped network drive, select the folder always available offline and Properties, then click Offline Files tab and Sync Now.

Why is make available offline greyed out Google Docs?

All the documents that are saved in Google Drive can be made available offline. To enable offline mode, users need to be online and have a good Internet connection. Note: If your Chrome OS is not connected to the Internet, users cannot enable offline capability.

Why can’t I make a Google Doc available offline?

Open Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides offline If on Chrome, make sure you are signed into your desired account. Go to drive.google.com/drive/settings. Check the box next to “Create, open, and edit your recent Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides files on this device while offline.”

How do I make something available offline?

Enable Make recent files available offline. If you don’t trust Google, you can force offline availability. For that, open the app containing your file, such as Drive, Docs, Sheets, or Slides. Tap on the three-dot icon next to the file name and choose Make available offline.

How do I change available offline?

To make files or folders available offline

  1. When your PC is connected to the network, open File Explorer and find the network file or folder you want to make available offline.
  2. Select the file or folder, tap or click the Home tab, tap or click Easy access, and then choose Always available offline.

How do I enable continuous availability?


  1. Go to Protocols > Windows Sharing (SMB) > SMB Shares.
  2. Click Create an SMB share.
  3. Select Enable continuous availability on the share.
  4. Optional: Click Show Advanced Settings.

How do I force a network drive to sync?

To manually Sync Offline Files in Windows 10, do the following.

  1. Open the classic Control Panel app.
  2. Switch its view to either “Large icons” or “Small icons” as shown below.
  3. Find the Sync Center icon.
  4. Open Sync Center and click on the link View sync partnerships.
  5. On the right, select the Offline Files sync partnership.