Can you be a light side Sith in swtor?

Light Sith SW basically plays as a sane Sith (and makes a lot of sense – although DS works well too with SW), the the INQ story-line played LS probably makes a bit less sense and is a bit jarring in places.

What Sith turned to the light side?

Darth Vader is only one of many Sith who found their way back to the Light Side. Even though Obi-Wan Kenobi once told Luke Skywalker that it was next-to-impossible for a Sith to leave the Dark Side, Darth Vader redeemed himself after he gave up his life to save his son.

What does light side or dark side do in swtor?

Light side alignment has no visible affect on a character, however, dark sign alignment displays a visual corruption. This can be toggled on the Character panel, under Customize Appearance. The more dark side alignment a character has, the more their appearance will change to reflect this.

What Sith Force Lightning?

Darth Sidious
In Revenge of the Sith, after having been bested by Mace Windu, Darth Sidious uses Force lightning against the Jedi Master, who repels it with his lightsaber, deflecting it onto Sidious and disfiguring and scarring the Sith Lord’s body.

Has any Sith turned good?

Ajunta Pall is a unique case among redeemed Sith as he is, to date, the only known dark Force user to return to the light well after his death.

Is revan Skywalker related to Anakin?

I found out that Darth Revan is actually the brother of Cade skywalker, who is Anakin’s ancestor and this furthers my belief that if something drastic happens in starwars there’s a skywalker around the corner.

Can you reverse Dark Side corruption Swtor?

Since you specifically asked about reversing the dark side corruption, in case you didn’t see it you can also deactivate the showing of the dark side corruption on your body if you click the little armor symbol above your character in the character menu and open your appearance options. Never mind … this is it !

Can Jedi use red lightsabers?

In both canon and Legends, Jedi will sometimes use red-bladed lightsabers in emergencies where they’re missing their lightsabers and a Sith weapon is the only one available. Some Jedi are explicitly shown using red lightsabers in Legends, however.

Who are the Sith in Star Wars?

The Sith first appeared as the primary antagonists of George Lucas ‘ Original trilogy and the Prequel trilogy. The word Sith itself was first used in the 1976 novelization of Star Wars as a title for the key villain Darth Vader, the “Dark Lord of the Sith,” a term cut from the original film.

What color lightsabers do the Sith use?

The Lightsaber color of the Consular is, historically, green or yellow. Consulars have also been known to favor single-bladed lightsabers. Sith Warrior – Traditionally uses either a single blade or one in each hand. The Lightsaber of the Warrior is usually red, reflecting their synthetically created lightsaber crystals.

How many Sith Lords were there in Star Wars?

―Darth Sidious, to Darth Vader [src] The Sith were reformed by Darth Bane, who decreed that only two Sith Lords could exist at any given time. The Sith numbered thousands, yet they eventually fell, and despite the Sith armada ‘s quantitative advantage over the much smaller Ghostfinder fleet, the Sith were outmatched.

How did the Sith try to prevent Luke Skywalker from becoming Jedi?

The Sith sought to prevent Luke Skywalker from becoming a Jedi by turning him to the dark side of the Force. Three years after the events on Yavin and following the Battle of Hoth, the Emperor disclosed that Luke was one of the offspring of Anakin Skywalker, though this was something Vader already knew.