Did Bart really lose his soul?

However, after several strange events make him think he really has lost his soul, he desperately tries to regain it….Bart Sells His Soul.

“Bart Sells His Soul”
Written by Greg Daniels
Production code 3F02
Original air date October 8, 1995
Episode features

Who did Bart have a crush on?

Laura Powers
Laura Powers is a tomboyish teenage girl that lived next door to the Simpsons and the only child of single-parent divorcée Ruth Powers who is understood to be the first crush of Bart Simpson.

What was Phil Hartman’s last Simpsons episode?

“Bart the Mother” marked the last guest appearance of Phil Hartman on The Simpsons as Troy McClure. On May 28, 1998, four months before the episode aired, he was shot and killed by his wife Brynn. “Bart the Mother” was dedicated in his memory in response to this.

Who is Bart’s bully?

Nelson Mandela Muntz
Nelson Mandela Muntz is a fictional character and the lead school bully from the animated television series The Simpsons, best known for his signature mocking laugh “Ha-ha!”. He is voiced by Nancy Cartwright and was introduced in Season 1’s “Bart the General” as an antagonist, but later became more of an anti-hero.

What episode is Uncle Moes?

Bart casually sells his soul to Milhouse for $5 but soon regrets it; Moe converts his dank bar into a family restaurant.

Was Phil Hartman supposed to be Zapp Brannigan?

Before Billy West, he was supposed to voice Zapp Brannigan, but unfortunately, he was murdered before the show began. In his memory, they named Fry after him, and Billy West, out of respect, tweaked his own voice to match his tone for Zapp.

Why did Bart feel bad for killing the mother bird?

Moral Luck: Bart feels bad for killing the mother bird, even though it was an accident caused by trying to avoid killing her. When he saves an invasive species of lizard and releases them into the wild, they turned out to be killing a type of bird no one likes , so he’s celebrated as a hero—even by the people who tried to stop him!

What did Bart and Nelson say to Bart’s mom?

Nelson: Eh, my Mom’s got bigger problems. She doesn’t give a crap what I do. Bart: Wow, you are so lucky. Nelson: Come on, let’s lock and load. You’re not going out without a scarf, are you? Bart: Nah, I don’t need one. Nelson: Hmm. It’s your health. Marge: That was no accident. Shame on you, Nelson! Nelson: Cram it, ma’am!

What did Nelson say to Bart when he slapped him?

He mocks Bart for refusing to shoot the bird, coercing him into doing it. Nelson then suggests throwing the dead bird into a car full of girls and starts slapping Bart because he’s bored. Then there was his earlier comment of “Cram it, ma’am” when talking to Marge.

Is Bart’s Tomcat pregnant?

Your Tomcat Is Pregnant: Bart operates under the assumption that his lizards are male and names them Chirpy Boy and Bart Junior. The fact that they could breed implies one of them was female. note