How long does it take to recover from wrist ligament surgery?

Recovery times vary based on severity and extent of the injury, but after a surgery to repair a torn ligament in the wrist, you will, conservatively, need at least six weeks for the tissues to fully heal themselves.

What is the treatment for scapholunate ligament?

Partial injuries where there is no instability of the scapholunate joint are most commonly treated with splinting or casting, anti-inflammatories and hand therapy. Surgical treatments including arthroscopic debridement and thermal shrinkage of the ligament have been used.

How do you fix a scapholunate ligament tear?

If this non-operative treatment does not work, surgery may be considered to repair or reconstruct the ligament to help align the wrist bones. This can be done with arthroscopy or an open surgery. Repair or reconstruction of the ligament can lead to wrist stiffness, but the wrist will be more stable.

How painful is a wrist arthroscopy?

Arthroscopic Wrist Surgery is typically performed at an outpatient facility. Regional anesthesia will be used to numb the hand and arm, so the patient can expect to feel no pain during the treatment.

What can I expect after arthroscopic wrist surgery?

Your Recovery Your wrist will be swollen. And you may notice that your skin is a different colour near the cuts (incisions). This is normal and will start to go away in a few days. Keeping your arm higher than your heart for the first few days after surgery will help with swelling and pain.

What is the radioscaphocapitate ligament?

The radioscaphocapitate ligament is one of the intracapsular, extrinsic palmar radiocarpal ligaments and a volar stabilizer of the wrist 1-3.

How long does it take to recover from arthroscopy?

Recovery – Arthroscopy. How long it takes to recover after an arthroscopy will depend on your general health, the joint involved and the specific procedure you had. Some people feel better after a few days, while others may not be back to normal for several months.

Is electrothermal capsulorrhaphy effective for the treatment of scapholunate ligament injuries?

16However, successful use of electrothermal capsulorrhaphy has been reported in the wrist with prior studies, showing good short-term outcomes (6 months–4 years) for the treatment of scapholunate ligament injuries.

When can you Stand after arthroscopic leg surgery?

For other more involved arthroscopic procedures like ACL or PCL reconstruction, meniscus repair, and microfracture surgery, you will have to follow non-weight-bearing restrictions in the beginning weeks of your recovery. This means that you will not be able to stand or put any weight through your leg until cleared by your surgeon. 1