How much runway does a MD-87 need to take off?

The MD-87 has a maximum cruise speed of 470 knots and a travel range of 2,900 nautical miles. Its rate of climb is 3,000 feet per minute. The MD-87 has a take off and landing distance of 1,850 meters and 1,430 meters respectively.

Do airlines still use the MD-80?

The largest operator According to data from, there are still nearly 100 active examples of the MD-80 family left in the world today. As is common with aging aircraft, some of these have been converted for use as freighters.

How long is an MD-80?

147 ft 10 in
Dimensions: The basic “long-body” MD-80 versions (MD-81, MD-82, MD-83, and MD-88) have an overall length of 147 ft 10 in (45.06 m), and a fuselage length of 136 feet 5 inches (41.58 m) that is 4.62 m longer than the DC-9-50 and 13.5 m longer than the initial DC-9, the Series 10.

What is the difference between DC 9 and MD-80?

The DC-9 series features a “pointed” tail cone, while the MD-80 series aircraft have what appears to be a “flat” tail cone. The MD-90 has larger engines than the MD-80 Series. The Boeing 717 has engines which are longer in length than the MD-90.

How much does an MD-87 jet cost?

For less than $5 million, you can buy a refurbished Boeing MD-87, originally designed for up to 130 airline passengers, with updated avionics, an executive interior that seats 19 to 30, and a range of 4,800 nautical miles when fitted with auxiliary belly tanks.

What is an MD-87?

MD87. In January 1985 McDonnell Douglas announced that it was to produce a shorter fuselage MD-80 series development aircraft, designated the MD-87, which would seat between 109 and 130 passengers depending upon configuration. Technical Data. Wing span: 32.87 m.

Is Boeing 717 the same as MD-80?

The Boeing 717 uses two Rolls-Royce BR700 engines 18,920 lbf (84.2 kN) of thrust. The MD-80 uses Pratt & Whitney JT8D-200 series with 18,500 to 21,000 lb (82-93 kN) of thrust. The 717 has a cruising speed of 822 km/h, while the MD-80 with its more powerful engines comes in slightly higher at 873 km/h.

What kind of plane is a MD 80?

The McDonnell Douglas MD-80 is a twin-engine passenger aircraft developed by McDonnell Douglas. The MD-80 took its maiden flight on 25 October 1979 and entered into service in October 1980. The MD-80 can accommodate two crew and between 130 and 172 passengers based on seating arrangements.

How many passengers can an MD-80 carry?

The MD-80 can accommodate two crew and between 130 and 172 passengers based on seating arrangements. As of July 2009, over 880 MD-80 aircraft were operational worldwide. The MD-80 was developed from the Douglas DC-9.

Can You Still Fly an American Airlines MD-80?

One year after American Airlines retired its long-serving T-tailed MD-80s, Simple Flying looks back at this iconic aircraft that first took to the skies over 40 years ago. Follow along from its launch customer to where you might still be able to catch one today.

How many rows of seats does an MD-87 have?

Airplane Characteristics Variant MD-81/82/83/88 MD-87 Cockpit crew Two Two 1- class seats 155Y @32-33″ (max 172) 130Y @31-33″ (max 139) 2-class seats 143: 12J @ 36″ + [email protected] 31-34″ 117: 12J+105Y Length 147 ft 10 in (45.06 m ) 130 ft 5 in (39.75 m)