Is Michael Holding a British citizen?

Michael Anthony Holding (born 16 February 1954) is a Jamaican former cricketer and commentator who played for the West Indies cricket team….Michael Holding.

Personal information
National side West Indies (1975-1987)
Test debut (cap 153) 28 November 1975 v Australia
Last Test 24 February 1987 v New Zealand

Which Caribbean country is Michael Holding from?

Jamaica and West Indies cricket legend Michael Holding. Jamaica and West Indies cricket legend Michael Holding is set to bring an end to his career as a cricket commentator after more than 30 years in broadcasting. He will hang up his microphone at the end of the season.

What is the problem with West Indies cricket?

One of the problems with West Indies cricket is that too many of its stars are conditioned for the most lucrative, popular, and shortest form of the game – T-20. And they have done well at it too. They have even won two world cups in this format. Teams all over the word clamor for Caribbean players.

What happened to Michael Holding?

Michael Holding is retiring after 31 years as a TV commentator. The former West Indies fast bowler played 60 Tests and 102 one-day internationals, claiming 391 wickets, before moving behind the microphone after his retirement from playing in 1987. His first TV broadcast came during England’s 1990 tour of West Indies.

Has Sri Lanka won a Test match in India?

The Sri Lankan team won an ODI series against Australia in Australia in 2010. However, they are yet to register a Test match win and an ODI series win against India in India, as of 2017.

Why are West Indies so good at cricket?

The early 1970s to mid-1990s showed a major increase in the dominance of the West Indian cricket team. The general historical consensus is that this is due to an increase in fast bowling, backed up by some of the best batsmen in the world.

What happened Windies cricket?

The West Indian players’ decision last Friday to pull out of their tour of India with a one-day international, a Twenty20 match and three Tests still to play because of a pay dispute with their board shocked the cricketing world but highlighted the diminishing power of a once great region.