What authors are similar to Daniel Silva?

If You Like Daniel Silva

  • The Faithful Spy. by Berenson, Alex.
  • A Very Private Gentleman. by Booth, Martin.
  • A Spy by Nature. by Cumming, Charles.
  • The Blind Spy. by Dryden, Alex.
  • One Man Running. by Egleton, Clive.
  • Requiem for An Assassin. by Eisler, Barry.
  • The Afghan. by Forsyth, Frederick.
  • Red Star Rising. by Freemantle, Brian.

What should I read if I like Vince Flynn?

We gathered nine suggestions for books from Vince Flynn-like authors that do more than meet the high expectations of Mitch Rapp aficionados.

  • Bob Lee Swagger #1. Point of Impact.
  • Terminal List #3.
  • Dan Shepherd, #1.
  • A Dewey Andreas Novel #4.
  • A John Wells Novel, #3.
  • Ryan Kealey #1.
  • Scot Harvath, #1.
  • A Rick Fuller Thriller, #7.

What should I read if I like Mitch Rapp?

The Top Ten Baddest Dudes in the Thriller Genre Right Now

  • 1.) Court ‘The Gray Man’ Gentry.
  • 2.) Mitch Rapp.
  • 3.) Scot Harvath.
  • 5.) Evan Smoak.
  • 6.) Pike Logan.
  • 7.) Logan West.
  • 8.) Victor The Assassin.
  • 9.) Gabriel Allon.

Who writes like Alan Furst?

Night Soldie…

  • Joseph Kanon. 661 followers.
  • Cara Black. Author of 36 books including Three Hours In Paris.
  • Minette Walters. Author of 53 books including The Sculptress.
  • Eric Ambler. 358 followers.
  • David Downing. 382 followers.
  • Carol O’Connell. 621 followers.
  • Brian Moore. 125 followers.
  • Philip Kerr. 1,712 followers.

What genre is Daniel Silva?

Spy fiction
Daniel Silva (novelist)

Daniel Silva
Period 1996–present
Genre Spy fiction
Notable awards Barry Award 2007 The Messenger Barry Award 2013 The Fallen Angel
Years active 1984–present

What genre is Vince Flynn?

political thriller novels
Vincent Joseph Flynn (April 6, 1966 – June 19, 2013) was an American author of political thriller novels featuring the fictional assassin Mitch Rapp….

Vince Flynn
Period 1997–2013
Subject Political thriller, techno-thriller, action thriller
Spouse Lysa Flynn
Children 3

What genre is Mitch Rapp?

postmodern thriller
The voice of today’s postmodern thriller generation, Flynn has never been better” (The Providence Journal) in this unforgettable novel of a young man primed to become an American assassin. You’ve subscribed to Mitch Rapp!

Who writes like Jack Reacher?

Books similar to Lee Child’s Jack Reacher books

  • Even. by Andrew Grant. Buy the book.
  • Black 13. by Adam Hamdy. Buy the book.
  • Raven Black. by Ann Cleeves. Buy the book.
  • Capture or Kill. by Tom Marcus. Buy the book.
  • Dead Simple. by Peter James. Buy the book.
  • The Long Call. by Ann Cleeves. Buy the book.

Who is as good as Jack Reacher?

Jason Bourne, who was created by author Robert Ludlum, may not have as many novels about him as Jack Reacher, but he is every bit as popular and capable. Ludlum wrote the three original novels in the Bourne series, which has since been extended after his death by Eric Van Lustbader.