What is the old name of planet?


Former planet Discovery Current status
Titania 1787 Moons of Uranus
Oberon 1787
Ceres 1801 Asteroid and dwarf planet
Pallas 1802 Asteroid

What are the miner planets?

Minor planets include asteroids (near-Earth objects, Mars-crossers, main-belt asteroids and Jupiter trojans), as well as distant minor planets (centaurs and trans-Neptunian objects), most of which reside in the Kuiper belt and the scattered disc.

Is there a planet called Janice?

The asteroid was named for Janice Cline at Caltech….2324 Janice.

MPC designation (2324) Janice
Named after Janice Cline (Supporter at Caltech)
Alternative designations 1978 VS4 · 1929 WH 1934 VR · 1949 ME 1961 UP · 1971 OC1 1975 EM2 · 1977 RY4 A911 MC
Minor planet category main-belt · (outer) background · Themis

What do Chinese call the Earth?

In Chinese philosophy, earth or soil (Chinese: 土; pinyin: tǔ), is the changing point of the matter.

What is called a dirty snowball?

Comets are collections of rocky material and ices, sometimes referred to as “dirty snowballs”. One of their key features is their large abundance of so-called “volatile” compounds, things like carbon dioxide, water and noble gases that sublimate (change from solid to gas) very easily.

Is there a planet called Janus?

Janus is a potato-shaped moon with a mean radius of 55.6 miles (89.5 kilometers) and dimensions of 122 x 119 x 93 miles (196 x 192 x 150 kilometers, respectively). Janus is extensively cratered with several craters larger than 19 miles (30 kilometers).

What planet does Janus belong to?

Janus /ˈdʒeɪnəs/ is an inner satellite of Saturn. It is also known as Saturn X. It is named after the mythological Janus.

What is the nickname of Jupiter?

While Jupiter does not have a nickname as well-known as Mars (the red planet), its most common nickname is simply the Gas Giant.

What is the Japanese name for Earth?

Name of the Planets in Japanese

English Japanese Romaji
Earth 地球 Chikyū
Mars 火星 Kasei
Jupiter 木星 Mokusei
Saturn 土星 Dosei

Are there other British Place names for Northumbrian cities?

^ In addition to Bernicia and Deira, some other British place names are recorded for important Northumbrian locations. Northumbrian scholar Bede (c. 731) and Welsh chronicler Nennius (ninth-century) both provide British place names for centres of power. Nennius, for example, refers to the royal city of Bamburgh as Din Guaire.

What are some good books about Northumbria?

The Northumbrians: North-East England and Its People: A New History. pp. 152–153. ^ “Details of annual St Cuthbert’s Day festival announced”. ^ Collingwood, Bruce (1882). Northumbrian Minstrelsy: A Collection of the Ballads, Melodies and Small-Pipe Tunes of Northumbria.

Where was the Kingdom of Northumbria?

At its height, the kingdom extended from the Humber, Peak District and the River Mersey on the south to the Firth of Forth (now in Scotland) on the north. Northumbria ceased to be an independent kingdom in the mid-tenth century when Deira was conquered by the Danes and formed into the Kingdom of York.

Where can I find a list of Minor Planet Names?

The IAU Minor Planet Centermaintains a list of minor planet names. IAU Resolutions 5 and 6, “Definition of a Planet in the Solar System” AND “Pluto” IAU Press Release from the 2006 General Assembly “Result of the IAU Resolution Votes” IAU “Naming Astronomical Objects” IAU Press Release “Plutoid chosen as name for Solar System objects like Pluto”