Are BRK and First Alert the same company?

The same parent company (Newell Brands) owns First Alert and BRK. First Alert is our retail division, and BRK is our commercial division. Note: Some retailers sell BRK products under the First Alert brand.

How many BRK smoke detectors can be interconnected?

The maximum number of smoke alarms that should be interconnected per NFPA 72 standards is 12. Always make sure the smoke alarms you are interconnecting are compatible. In addition to the 12 smoke alarms in the series, you can connect up to 6 compatible devices like door closers, bells, or lights.

Do hardwired smoke detectors need to be interconnected?

Hardwired smoke alarms must be connected to your home’s power supply. To do any maintenance work, the power must be off at the main electrical panel before you begin and you should hire a professional electrician for installation.

Which is better First Alert or Kidde?

I will tell you about the two leading smoke and carbon dioxide detectors that are very popular in the market is Kidde and First Alert smoke detectors. First Alert has better features than the Kidde because of the alarm system with a verbal warning of the threat.

What smoke detectors are compatible with BRK?

Compatible BRK alarms: 4120-series, 9120-series, 7010-series, 5919,2002RAC, SC6120B, SC9120B, HD6135FB, RM3. Compatible Kidde alarms: 125-series, 1275-series, 1285-series, 1276, PE120/PE120E, PI1200. JD135F.

Is BRK Electronics still in business?

They are still here, still making the most recognized consumer brands of smoke and CO alarms on the market. Their brands include BRK®, First Alert®, Family Gard®, Tundra® and OneLink®.

How do I interconnect my BRK smoke detectors?

Connect the white wire on the power connector to the neutral wire in the junction box. Connect the black wire on the power connector to the hot wire in the junction box. Connect the orange wire on the power connector to the interconnect wire in the junction box. Repeat for each unit you are interconnecting.

How do you install a hardwired interconnected smoke detector?


  1. Mark Locations for the Smoke Detector Boxes. Find the best locations for the smoke detectors.
  2. Make Cutouts.
  3. Run NM Cable to the First Box.
  4. Run Cables to Other Boxes.
  5. Insert Cables into Electrical Boxes.
  6. Mount the Boxes.
  7. Install Mounting Plates.
  8. Connect the Smoke Detectors.

How do I know if my smoke detectors are interconnected?

You can check to see if your traditional smoke detectors are interconnected by removing the smoke detector and checking to see if it has 3 wires in the back. If the smoke detector has 3 wires and all three wires are connected in the electrical box your smoke detector is most likely interconnected.

Can I interconnect different smoke detectors?

Absolutely! You can mix and match hardwired First Alert, BRK, and Onelink models. All of our current models use the same wiring harness and connector. We do not recommend mixing different brands since we can only guarantee the performance of First Alert and BRK alarms.