How can we reduce the deflection of the beam?

There are several methods that can be adopted to reduce the slab and beam deflection.

  1. Increase the depth of the beams and slabs.
  2. Use alternative loading.
  3. Increase the tension reinforcements.
  4. Increase the compression reinforcements.
  5. Increase the width of the beam.
  6. Reduce the spans.
  7. Use prestressing.

What are the factors that affect deflection of a beam?

Following are the factors which affect deflections of flexural members (beams and slabs) in reinforced concrete structures:

  • Errors in the deflection computation of flexural members.
  • Loading of flexural members.
  • Flexural stiffness.
  • Factors affecting fixity.
  • Construction variations of flexural members.

What is deflection of beam formula?

Beam Deflection Equations Generally, deflection can be calculated by taking the double integral of the Bending Moment Equation, M(x) divided by EI (Young’s Modulus x Moment of Inertia).

What factors reduce deflection in cantilever beam?

The deflection of a cantilevered beam depends on four factors: load, length, material of beam, and cross-sectional shape. By looking at the equation: Reduce the load (w), move the load closer to support of cantilever beam if it’s a point load, distribute the load more if distributed load. Decrease the length L.

How does length affect deflection in beams?

Deflection is highly dependent on length of beam element. For a given total load and distribution, deflection varies with the cube (third power) of span length. Therefore, if length of beam is doubled, deflection increases by a factor of 8, which is 2 cubed (2^3).

What is difference between bending and deflection?

Bending is the measure of internal changes caused by a load or force in an element. (Eg. How much stress caused the beam to deflect from it original position.) Deflection is any change in the geometry of a solid object in response to a set of forces (generalizable to pressures/stresses) imposed on it.

What affects deflection?

In equations for deflection, both stiffness factors — the modulus of elasticity (E) and the planar moment of inertia (I) — appear in the denominator. This makes sense because deflection is inversely related to stiffness. Total deflection of a simply supported beam with a point load in the center.

What is flexural rigidity of a beam?

Flexural rigidity is defined as the force couple required to bend a fixed non-rigid structure by one unit of curvature, or as the resistance offered by a structure while undergoing bending.

How do you reduce column deflection?

  1. Share load with the other beam.
  2. Decrease the length of the beam.
  3. Increase moment of inertia.
  4. Increase modulus of elasticity.
  5. Reduce the load acting on the beam.
  6. Use moment joints at the end of the beam.

What is the relationship between span and deflection?

Note that the maximum bending moment and deflection occur midway between the two supports. From this it follows that if the span is doubled, the maximum moment (and with it the stress) will quadruple, and deflection will increase by a factor of sixteen.