How do I whitelist an IPs in exchange?

Setting Up IP Allow List

  1. Log into your mail server admin portal and click Admin.
  2. Click on Exchange.
  3. Click on connection filter (beneath protection heading).
  4. Click on connection filter in the protection section, then click the.
  5. Click on connection filtering.
  6. Under the IP Allow list, click the.

How do I whitelist a domain in Exchange 2013?

How to Whitelist a Domain or Email Address in Office 365 (Exchange Online)?

  1. In EAC, go to Mail flow -> Rules;
  2. Create a new rule Bypass spam filtering;
  3. Specify the rule name Spam Whitelist;
  4. In the Apply this rule if…
  5. Click the button Add condition and select The sender -> is external/internal -> Outside the organization;

What ports need to be open for Exchange 2013?

Network ports required for clients and services

Purpose Ports
IMAP4 clients 143/TCP (IMAP), 993/TCP (secure IMAP)
POP3 clients 110/TCP (POP3), 995/TCP (secure POP3)
SMTP clients (authenticated) 587/TCP (authenticated SMTP)

How do I whitelist an email in Microsoft Exchange?

How to Whitelist Email Address in Office 365

  1. Open the Exchange Admin Center.
  2. Click on the Mail Flow drop down and select Rules.
  3. Add a new rule for Bypass Spam Filtering.
  4. From the Apply this rule if…
  5. In the field to the right of the Check names button, type the email address you want to allow.

How do I whitelist an IPS in Outlook?

To do this, choose Settings, then Options. In the left pane, choose Junk Email, then Safe Senders. In the box, enter the email addresses or domains that you want to whitelist, and select the Add button. Click Save, and you’re all set.

How do I whitelist a domain?

  1. Sign in to your Google Admin console. Sign in using your administrator account (does not end in
  2. From the Admin console Home page, go to Domains.
  3. Click Whitelisted domains.
  4. Click Add new.
  5. Enter the domain, subdomain, or multiple domains separated by commas.
  6. Click Add.
  7. Click Save.

How do I add a domain to my safe senders list in exchange?

Add Addresses to Safe (and Blocked) Senders for Users

  1. In Exchange Online, open the Exchange Admin Center.
  2. Select Protection then select Spam filter.
  3. Select the Default rule (or the desired rule, if using more than one) and click the pencil icon or double click to open the dialog.

What ports does Exchange Server use?

Port Number

Port Number Microsoft Exchange Server Listens for
Port 25 Incoming SMTP messages to Internet Mail Connector and Internet Mail Service
Port 80 Incoming connections from Microsoft Outlook Web Access Server
Port 389 Incoming connections from LDAP clients

What ports need to be open for Exchange Server?

Network ports required for mail flow with Edge Transport servers

Purpose Ports
Inbound mail – Edge Transport server to internal Exchange organization 25/TCP (SMTP)
Outbound mail – Internal Exchange organization to Edge Transport server 25/TCP (SMTP)
Outbound mail – Edge Transport server to internet 25/TCP (SMTP)

Where is protection in New Exchange Admin Center?

Protection is no longer available in the new EAC and can now be accessed from the Microsoft 365 security center. The Unified Messaging tab is now retired in the new EAC. The Permissions tab in the classic version is now Roles in the new EAC.

How do I whitelist a domain in exchange 365 online?

Office 365 Whitelist IP Address

  1. Open the Security Center (Microsoft 365 Defender)
  2. Navigate to Policies and Rules > Threat Rules.
  3. Click on Anti-Spam.
  4. Click on Connection Filter Policy (Default)
  5. Click Edit connection filter policy in the fly-out.
  6. Add the IP Address that you want to whitelist.
  7. Enable Turn on safe list.

How do I whitelist an email in Outlook 2013?

For 2013

  1. In Outlook, go to the Home tab.
  2. Click Junk > Junk Email Options.
  3. Select the Safe Senders tab and click Add.
  4. In the Add address or domain box, enter the email address or the domain name you want to safelist.
  5. Click OK and close the window.