How much does it cost to Replate a cylinder?

All Single Cylinder Services
Service MSRP
Strip & Return Only $25
Strip, Plate, Hone to Std. Size $266
Strip, Skim Bore, Plate, Hone to Std. Size $308

Do cylinders need Replating?

In short, if your engine has enough time on it to need a full top-end rebuild, we recommend replating or resleeving your cylinder. Technically you can have your previously plated cylinder sleeved, but we recommend sticking with how it came from the OEM.

How much is Nikasil a cylinder?

Bore Cylinders

2 Stroke cylinder bore job – service includes bore cylinder, chamfer all ports, hone cylinder to exacting tolerances. $90.00 per hole
Automotive bore job – bore cylinder and hone to exacting tolerances $125.00 first hole $95.00 each add’l
Hone Cylinder $45.00
Hone Cylinder – Nikasil $55.00

Should you hone Nikasil cylinder?

Nikasil cylinders are not generally honed, actually your not suppose to. The nikasil is harder then the rings used for nikasil lined cylinders and this allows the rings to seat in properly. Honing out the nikasil cylinders will prematurely wear out your rings.

Can you bore a Nikasil cylinder?

they strip and replate and hone to size. plated cylinders can even be welded to fix bore damage so there is usually no reason to ever bore them over unless you desire more displacement. sever damage and welding may require a small bore increase though.

Does Nikasil wear out?

No with normal wear. More issues with 2t when you lean out and or crack a rings. You should be good to go if your cylinder is in spec.

Can you hone a Nikasil plated cylinder?

If the Nikasil plating is chipped, nicked, cut-through, has worn spots or is showing signs of wear, do not use Flex-Hone® tools. Instead, strip and re-plate the coating, or replace the cylinder altogether. Again, because Nikasil platings are very thin and very hard, honing will expose any existing damage.