What are Gator style mower blades?

Gator® Mulching Blades All Gator mulching mower blades feature the patented Gator mulching “teeth” which circulate cut grass back into the deck multiple times, creating a finer cut and better looking lawn.

Can you use gator blades with side discharge?

You can use mulching blades with a side discharge mower to cut the grass into finer bits, making it a better way to add nutrients to the soil.

Which mower blade is best?

7 Best Lawn Mower Blades Reviews

  • Maxpower Commercial Mulching Blade.
  • Toro Mower Blade.
  • Ego Power+ Lawn Mower Blade.
  • Honda Lawn Mower Blade.
  • Gator Fusion Mulching Blades.
  • Mtd Mulching Blade.
  • 8Ten Lawn Razor Hi Lift Blade.

What’s the difference between G5 and G6 Gator blades?

G5 blades aren’t wider and thicker compared to the G6. G6 are wider and thicker that’s what defer them among all the Gator blades.

Are high lift blades better?

THE DIFFERENCE Low-lift mower blades perform well on dry, shorter grasses, while high lift blades work better in ALL conditions. High-lift blades have deeper curves on the ends, which create enough suction to circulate and expel the clippings.

What’s the difference between a high lift blade and a mulching blade?

Standard blades are also referred to as “2-in-1” (discharging & bagging) or “high-lift” blades (because they are designed to create a higher-lifting airflow). Mulching blades generally have a more curved style surface and frequently include extra cutting surfaces along the blade edges.

What blades are best for side discharge?

Lifting blades are ideal for bagging or side discharging purposes to quickly and efficiently move the grass clippings out from the deck.

How often should you replace lawn mower blade?

For the average homeowner, a good rule of thumb is to replace your mower blades annually. Sharpening mower blades on a regular basis will prolong the life of your blades. Be sure to take protective measures if you sharpen your blades at home – wear protective gear and disconnect the spark plugs.