What does Koski mean?

Meaning. “rapids”, derived from koski (“rapids, whitewater”)

What kind of name is Voth?

North German: from Middle Low German vot ‘foot’, hence most probably a nickname for someone with some peculiarity or deformity of the foot, but perhaps also a topographic name for someone who lived at the foot of a hill.

Is Koski a Finnish name?

Finnish: ornamental name from koski ‘waterfall’, ‘rapids’. This was one of the many words denoting natural features that were used in the formation of Finnish surnames during the name conversion movement in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

How do you spell Koski?

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  1. Koski – Koski may refer to.
  2. Koskinonodon – Koskinonodon is an extinct genus of large temnospondyl amphibians. These animals were part of the family called Metoposauridae, which filled the crocodile-like predatory niches in the late Tr.

Is Korda a Russian name?

Hungarian, Polish, and Jewish (from Hungary and Poland): from korda ‘rope’ (Latin corda ‘rope’).

What ethnicity is Korda?

Petr Korda

Country (sports) Czechoslovakia (1987–1993) Czech Republic
Residence Monte Carlo, Monaco & Bradenton, Florida
Born 23 January 1968 Prague, Czechoslovakia
Height 1.90 m (6 ft 3 in)

How do you pronounce Georgiou?

  1. Phonetic spelling of Georgiou. j-aw-r-j-ee-oh. Ge-or-giou.
  2. Meanings for Georgiou. It is a Greek surname. A Notable person with this name is Michael Georgiou, an English snooker player.
  3. Examples of in a sentence. Brent Cllr Georgiou calls for more distancing when …
  4. Translations of Georgiou. Chinese : 乔治乌

Is Georgiou a Greek name?

Greek: patronymic from the genitive case of the personal name Georgios (see George). Patronymics formed with the genitive case are typical in particular of Cyprus.