What episode is the bank robbery in Castle?

Cops & Robbers
Cops & Robbers is the seventh episode of the fourth season of Castle.

Who is the dirty cop in Castle Season 2?

Paul Finch
Spouse(s) Monica Finch (wife)
Character Information
Appearances Den of Thieves
Portrayed by Eric Betts (uncredited)

Is the old haunt on Castle a real bar?

The Old Haunt is an old-fashioned downtown New York bar, now owned by Richard Castle.

Who does Beckett date in Castle?

Kate Beckett
Spouse(s) Richard Castle (husband, 2014-) Rogan O’Leary (1999-2014, ex-husband)
Significant Other(s) Josh Davidson (ex-boyfriend) Tom Demming (dated) Will Sorenson (dated)
Parents Jim Beckett (father) Johanna Beckett † (mother) Martha Rodgers (mother-in-law) Jackson Hunt (father-in-law) Rita (step-mother-in-law)

Who does Beckett date in season 2?

In season 2, Beckett dates a fellow detective from another precinct named Tom Denning.

Who is the serial killer in season 2 of Castle?

The killer is later identified as Scott Dunn.

Where did Castle live in NYC?

Broome Street – Little Italy – New York, NY | Castle house, Richard castle, York castle.

Who played Natalie Rhodes on Castle?

Laura Prepon
Castle (TV Series 2009–2016) – Laura Prepon as Natalie Rhodes – IMDb.

What episode does Beckett find out who killed her mother?

In “A Chill Goes Through Her Veins”, Beckett first reveals to Castle that it was her mother that was murdered when she was 19 years old and how it happened. In “Sucker Punch”, Castle offers to pay $100,000 of his own money to set up a fake contract with the man who murdered her mother.

What episode does Beckett get pregnant?

The Good, The Bad & The Baby is the tenth episode of the sixth season of Castle….

The Good, The Bad & The Baby
Season 6, Episode 10
Air date November 25, 2013
Written by Terri Edda Miller
Directed by John Terlesky

Who blows up Beckett’s apartment?

Trivia. While the killer is a chameleon, he does have one man he revealed his true identity to: Castle. In the autographed copy of Heat Wave that Dunn keeps in his apartment, Castle finds that he addressed the signature to “Scott”. The killer is later identified as Scott Dunn.