What is Dragon on my PC?

From students to everyday multi‑taskers, there’s no better way to get more done on your PC simply by speaking than with the all-new Dragon Home version 15, the most intelligent speech recognition solution for home use. Dictate homework assignments, send email, surf the web and more—by voice.

Does Dragon work with Office 365?

Dragon software is not supported when running Office 365 through cloud-access or through the “Click-to-Run” setup. Dragon has application add-ins (such as toolbar buttons) that are typically enabled in Microsoft Office applications. When running MicrosoftOffice 365, these application add-ins will not be enabled.

Can I install Dragon Naturally Speaking on two computers?

YES! Dragon is licensed per user, not per computer. So if you have more than one PC or laptop, you can install Dragon on multiple computers (up to five machines total) for regular usage.

Can you transfer Dragon NaturallySpeaking to a new computer?

Zinstall will automatically transfer Dragon Naturally Speaking to the new computer, including your Dragon account, settings, voice files, and user profiles. You’ll have it up and running on the new computer just like on the old one.

Does Dragon Naturally Speaking 15 work on Windows 10?

Supporting operating systems: Microsoft Windows 7, 8.1, and 10 (32-bit and 64-bit). Web browsers: Internet Explorer 11 or higher, or current version of Chrome or Firefox.

What is Dragon anywhere professional dictation?

If you’re a professional who works on the go, Dragon Anywhere professional-grade mobile dictation makes it easy to create documents of any length, and edit, format and share them directly from your mobile device—whether visiting clients, a job site or your local coffee shop.

Does Dragon recognize all voices and type?

Yes dragon does recognize all voices and type. Yes it can type whatever other person is saying on phone but phone has to be on speaker so that dragon can hear the voice. If I purchase Dragon Professional Individual online here, is it available for download once the purchase is complete, or is the software shipped?

Can I install dragon on a MacBook Air?

Right now there is no version of dragon available for MAC computers, if you want to install dragon on your mac than first you need to install parallels and than install any version of dragon software. if i purchase this software and upgrade to another computer will this software still work.

How do I use Powermic with Dragon Medical Solutions?

Clinicians can use PowerMic at their workstation, or other supported handheld or headset microphones with Dragon Medical solutions to dictate the patient story directly into the EHR. PowerMic III combines a robust, ergonomic USB microphone with full‑function, PC‑mouse capabilities to avoid constant switching from microphone to mouse to keyboard.