What size Tri-Clamp fits a keg?

2″ Tri Clover Compatible fittings can be connected to the top of an American Sanke keg. This size is widely used by home brewers to convert kegs into mask tuns, hot liquor tanks and boil kettles.

What size Tri-clamp fits a beer keg?

What size flange is on a keg?

Pretty much all USA kegs have the same 2.5″ opening that matches 2″ tri clamps.

Why is it called Triclamp?

The phrase ‘Tri-Clamp’ was originally used to describe clamps comprised of three segments, but now the name is more generally used to refer to all types of hygienic connections and fittings. Tri-Clamp fittings are connections for pieces of pipe, which facilitate easy disassembly and cleaning.

What size Tri-Clamp fits a beer keg?

What size is a 3/4 tri clamp?

Determining the Correct Tri Clamp Size. Another significant point of confusion comes from the smaller OD tubing. The 1/2″ and 3/4″ tubes both share the 3/4″. Tri Clamp ferrule (0.984″ flange), and the same is true for the 1″ and 1.5″ tubes which share the 1.5″. Tri Clamp ferrule (1.984″ flange) – two clamp sizes for 4 different fittings.

What are Tri-Clover clamps?

Tri Clamp specifically, was originally used to describe the Tri-Clover 3-segment clamps, but now the name “Tri Clamp” is universally used as a way of referring to these types of sanitary clamps across the industry.

Where can I buy Tri Clover sanitary fittings?

Here at TriClamp.co, you are sure to find the exact tri clover sanitary fittings you are looking for, no matter what your specific needs are. We carry stainless Tri Clamp fittings in different sizes to handle just about any type of job.

What are tri clamp sanitary fittings?

Tri Clamp sanitary fittings (also known as Tri Clover fittings) are one of the most common types of connections in the food and beverage industries. A Tri Clamp sanitary connection typically consists of two Tri Clamp ferrules or flanges, a Tri Clamp Gasket, and a Tri Clamp to mechanically hold the connection together.