Who is the most influential basketball player ever?

Many people debate who’s the greatest player ever, but there’s no debate for the most influential player of all time, and we have the numbers to prove it. HoopsHype polled a mix of 52 former and current NBA players for their most influential players ever, and Michael Jordan won in a landslide.

Who are the greatest basketball players of all time?

Top 10 nba players of all time in NBA History

  • Michael Jordan – Most Points per Game – Most Finals MVP.
  • LeBron James.
  • Kareem Abdul-Jabbar – Most MVP Awards.
  • Magic Johnson.
  • Kobe Bryant.
  • Shaquille O’Neal.
  • Larry Bird.
  • Wilt Chamberlain.

Who changed the culture of the NBA?

Larry Bird. The modern NBA doesn’t look the same without Larry Bird. Along with Magic Johnson, Bird helped the league’s popularity explode in the 1980s. He had legitimate star power, and fans flocked to it like never before.

Who is older Seth or Steph Curry?

Steph Curry and Seth Curry going head to head. Steph is the older brother of Seth, and he had a fantastic move on his little brother during the game.

How did Michael Jordan change basketball?

Jordan did not change the game of basketball only with his talent or athleticism. He changed it by combining those gifts with his work ethic and competitive drive. Nobody put more sweat into being great. Nobody cared more about winning.

What did Michael Jordan change?

Changing the Game From an on-court standpoint, Jordan was responsible for the globalization of basketball, which can be somewhat attributed to his unrivaled athleticism. Moreover, aside from his impact on basketball’s global appeal, Jordan also altered the NBA’s Center Position.

Which famous basketball players contributed to the game?

From LeBron James to Charles Barkley, these memorable figures made contributions that changed how the game looks and is played. In 1892, James Naismith officially debuted the game of basketball.

How did basketball change over the years?

Most notably, basketball took on a new life and look when it expanded beyond its segregated confines and into more diverse gymnasiums, where people of color and women were allowed to play and impart their own flair.

How did Allen Iverson change the culture of the NBA?

“I’ve always said Allen Iverson had the biggest effect on the culture of the NBA out of any player,” Chris Paul said in 2016, per Clippers.com’s Rowan Kavner. “He started a culture. He started the arm sleeve, the tattoos, all that stuff.

Who invented basketball?

Naismith, then a teacher at the YMCA Training School in Springfield, Massachusetts, had invented the game at the end of 1891, and on Jan. 15 the next year, he formally published the rules. In its earliest days, basketball was a pastime for his young students.