Is techwood a good TV brand?

The Techwood 50A01SB is a good performing TV with a good quality picture and excellent sound. However, it lacks a good choice of On Demand services and it’s not possible to adjust the picture menus contrast, overscan etc, when using a device connected to the HDMI ports on the TV.

Are techwood TVs 4K?

Techwood 50AO9UHD 50″ Smart 4K Ultra HD TV With Dolby Vision and Works With Alexa.

Is techwood TV a Smart TV?

Techwood pride themselves on providing entertainment systems for less, without losing any of the quality. They offer Smart LED TVs, 4K ultra HD TVs and energy efficient TVs in their product range.

Who manufactures techwood?

Online electricals retailer, is launching their own range of big screen televisions under their new Techwood brand. The launch range will include eight models in total, covering 19” to 50”, with prices starting at £119 and peaking at £349, so the emphasis is on affordability.

Who is techwood brand?

The TECHWOOD brand is owned by Vestel Elec, a company listed in XIST. The International Securities Identification Number (ISIN) of Vestel Elec is TRAVESTL91H6. TECHWOOD is part of the Divers activity sector.

Do TCL TVs last?

Most TCL TVs will last around seven years under heavy use if they are used properly. TVs can be used until they show a reduction in picture quality or stop working. TCL TVs come with a warranty to help protect the new TVs against manufacturer’s defects and other issues.

Who is techwood owned by?

The TECHWOOD brand, founded in 2003 (France), from 9 sister brands. The TECHWOOD brand is owned by Vestel Elec, a company listed in XIST.

Where are techwood products made?

All Techwood Products are manufactured in Washington State using sustainably harvested Pacific Northwest Timber or responsibly sourced specialty woods. Our factory is conveniently located between Seattle and Portland for local pickup and fast shipping.