What causes Bainbridge reflex?

The Bainbridge reflex (aka, atrial reflex) occurs when the heart rate increases in response to a rise in atrial pressure. This is a compensatory mechanism since increased right atrial pressures frequently result from elevated left heart pressures from decreased cardiac output.

What is the reverse Bainbridge reflex?

A “reverse” Bainbridge reflex has been proposed to explain the decreases in heart rate observed under conditions in which venous return is reduced, such as during spinal and epidural anesthesia, controlled hypotension, and severe hemorrhage.

Where is the Bainbridge reflex located?

The Bainbridge reflex is elicited by stretch receptors located in the right atrial wall and the cavoatrial junction. An increase in right-sided filling pressure sends vagal afferent signals to the cardiovascular center in the medulla.

What is Cardioacceleratory reflex?

cardioacceleratory reflex. -changes in blood pressure in major arteries. -changes in diameter of peripheral vessels. -coordinated in vasomotor center in medulla oblongata.

What triggers the baroreceptor reflex?

Activation. The baroreceptors are stretch-sensitive mechanoreceptors. At low pressures, baroreceptors become inactive. When blood pressure rises, the carotid and aortic sinuses are distended further, resulting in increased stretch and, therefore, a greater degree of activation of the baroreceptors.

How do baroreceptors affect blood pressure?

The baroreceptors send signals to the brain and the signals are interpreted as a rise in blood pressure. The brain sends signals to other parts of the body to reduce blood pressure such as the blood vessels, heart and kidneys.

How do baroreceptors respond to hypertension?

Conversely, baroreceptor activity decreases when blood pressure falls, producing a reflex-mediated increase in heart rate and peripheral resistance. Baroreceptor activity is reset during sustained increases in blood pressure so that in patients with essential hypertension, baroreceptor responsiveness is maintained.