What is the meaning of herrenvolk?

master race
Herrenvolk, meaning “master race”, was a concept in Nazi ideology. It may also refer to: Herrenvolk democracy, a term describing a system of ethnocracy that offers democratic participation to the dominant group only.

How do you pronounce herrenvolk?

noun, plural Her·ren·völ·ker [her-uhn-fœl-kuhr].

What was Hitler’s policy of Lebensraum?

Key Facts. The Nazi belief that the Germans must control Lebensraum (living space) in the “East” drove Nazi Germany’s foreign policy. Hitler recognized that acquiring Lebensraum would require war, and he began preparing for it as soon as he came to power.

What does the term Anschluss mean?

Anschluss, German: “Union”, political union of Austria with Germany, achieved through annexation by Adolf Hitler in 1938. Mooted in 1919 by Austria, Anschluss with Germany remained a hope (chiefly with Austrian Social Democrats) during 1919–33, after which Hitler’s rise to power made it less attractive.

Was Otto von Bismarck a nationalist?

As an ardent and aggressive Prussian nationalist, Bismarck had long been an opponent of Austria because both states sought primacy within the same area–Germany.

Why did Bismarck believe that blood and iron would be necessary to create Germany?

In an 1862 speech before Parliament, Bismarck warned that Prussia’s borders would not be secured through speeches and resolutions “but by blood and iron.” Bismarck wanted a Germany free of Austrian influence. To achieve this, he needed war.

Why did the Germans want Lebensraum?

The Nazi usages of the term Lebensraum were explicitly racial, to justify the mystical right of the racially superior Germanic peoples (Herrenvolk) to fulfill their cultural destiny at the expense of racially inferior peoples (Untermenschen), such as the Slavs of Poland, Russia, Ukraine, and the other non–Germanic …