What is zonar on a school bus?

Zonar MyView provides full visibility into bus locations, changes and estimated times of arrival so only those who need to know can stay in the loop. The MyView back-end portal serves as a district dashboard used to communicate bus changes, delays or breakdowns.

What are zonar tags?

Each Zonar tag is digitally associated with the vehicle to verify its identity and ensure the correct information is uploaded. Drivers and operators use the EVIR app to scan the tags and perform the inspection.

How do I use zonar on MyView?

How to setup a Ridership account

  1. Enter your full name and email address.
  2. Enter a password used to access the MyView app.
  3. Select the method you want to be notified about bus updates (either push notifications through the app or via email).
  4. Tap Register.

What does Zonar do?

Zonar helps you automate scheduling based on vehicle usage and integrations with your maintenance system. Additionally, our patented EVIR instantly provides verified visual inspection defect data to alert maintenance about serious defects mere seconds after the driver sees them.

How can I track my school bus by GPS?


  1. TrackSchoolBus. This bus tracking system provides live location updates of the school bus location at any point of time.
  2. School Bus Tracker. This app is easy to use and parents can use their mobile phones to track bus location.
  3. Seon.
  4. Versatrans My Stop.
  5. Treker.
  6. Trace School Bus.
  7. TripSpark.

What does EVIR stand for?

Acronym. Definition. EVIR. Electronic Vehicle Inspection Report (RFID system)

What is the EVIR?

Zonar’s EVIR (electronic vehicle inspection report) system utilizes a tablet to read RFID tags placed in zones around a vehicle. The driver must scan each tag to ensure the inspection is completed outside the vehicle. EVIR also tracks the time drivers spend in each zone.

Where is zonar located?

Founded and headquartered in Seattle, Zonar also has a Technology Development Center in downtown Seattle, an office in Cincinnati, and a distribution center outside of Atlanta.

What does Platform science do?

Platform Science provides a single platform that fleets can use to deploy and manage all their mobile apps, devices and vehicles, managing which apps and functionality are accessible from which drivers’ devices. The platform can then be integrated with back-office systems and in-vehicle technology.

What is the best school bus tracker app?

Top 25 School Bus Tracking Apps in 2019:

  • ADCC Smart School Bus Tracking.
  • MyBusVue.
  • Transfinder.
  • Seon.
  • Versatrans My Stop.
  • SafeStop.
  • RollCall.
  • Turtler.