Who is Benin Sewan?

Benon Vahe Sevan (born December 18, 1937 Nicosia, Cyprus) was the head of the United Nations’ Oil-for-Food Programme, established in 1996 and charged with preventing Iraq’s government from using the proceeds from oil exports for anything but food, medicine and other items to benefit the civilian population.

Where is Benon Sevan now?

Sevan now lives, in a penthouse apartment previously inhabited by his late aunt, a retired civil servant. Two years ago, as the U.N.’s Oil for Food investigation was about to begin, she was hurt in a fall into the building’s elevator shaft, and some weeks afterward she died of her injuries.

Who owns Iraq’s oil now?

Iraq Petroleum Company

Native name شركة نفط العراق Türkiye Petrol Şirketi
Successor Iraq National Oil Company
Headquarters London , United Kingdom
Areas served Iraq Middle Eastb
Owners BP Royal Dutch Shell ExxonMobil Total S.A. Partex

Where is Michael Soussan now?

Michael Soussan (born 1973) is a Danish-born reporter, writer and whistleblower. He lives in Los Angeles, California.

Who is Michael Sullivan UN?

The film follows Michael Sullivan, the son of US State Department diplomat who died when Michael was young. Michael leaves a lucrative job at a large bank and lands his dream job as a diplomat with the United Nations (UN), in the fall of 2002.

Is oil free in Iraq?

lots of it. According to data from US Energy Information Administration (EIA) at the time, “Iraq holds more than 112 billion barrels of oil — the world’s second-largest proven reserves. Iraq also contains 110 trillion cubic feet of natural gas, and is a focal point for regional and international security issues.”

How much Iraq sell oil?

Iraq’s oil ministry says country exported more than 100 million barrels for revenues of $11.07bn, the highest since 1972.

Is backstabbing for beginners based on true story?

The book is based on the true story of Michael Soussan, a former U.N. member and a first-hand witness to the 2002-2003 Oil-for-Food Program (OIP) scandal, within the United Nations.