Can you use rider swap with FastPass?

You will be able to see the Rider Switch pass added to the My Disney Experience app under the FastPass+ section. This time window does cut into FastPass+ selection time frames as well, so either use it right away or keep that in mind while booking any additional FastPass+ for the day.

Does everyone need a FastPass for Rider Switch?

Because of the way Rider Switch operates, only the members of the first group have to have FastPasses booked. Those in the second group don’t need FastPasses but can still ride on the Rider Switch ticket. This means that in a roundabout way, families using Rider Switch can double up on FastPasses.

Can you do rider swap with Genie Plus?

Today, the team discovered that guests who have a Genie+ return window can still use Rider Switch. The same holds true for Individual Lightning Lane Selections (ILLS). A ride on these select attractions can be purchased a la carte at a set per person price.

How many people can do rider swap at Disney?

There would be a maximum of 3 guests allowed per Rider Switch Pass. Essentially, if Adult 1 takes children 1 and 2 to ride, while child 3 stays with Adult 2 outside, then Adult 2 can use rider switch to go back and ride the ride and children 1 and 2 could go and ride with Adult 2 again (bypassing the regular line).

Can you do rider swap with lightning lane?

If you are looking to use Rider Switch with Lightning Lanes everyone 3 and older will need a Lightning Lane for that attraction. The child that is riding with each parent will only need 1 Lightning Lane even though they are riding twice.

Can you do rider swap on Rise of the Resistance?

Can you use Rider Switch on Rise of the Resistance? Yes, you can use Rider Switch on Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance. However, your party must have a boarding group to experience Rise of Resistance.

Can you do rider swap on Flight of Passage?

For Flight of Passage, you can use rider switch to save time in line as long as you have a child who cannot be left alone and cannot ride. Tell the cast member at the front of the queue that you’d like to utilize rider switch.

Can you rider swap with lightning lane?

After the first two get off, the rider outside will be able to enter using their Individual Lightning Lane. Make sure to speak with a Cast Member at the beginning of the queue, just as you would with regular Rider Switch, so that your party is able to “swap” members when the first group gets off.

Can you do child swap with lightning lane?

Rider Switch allows parties to split up to enjoy attractions with kiddos who are old enough to enjoy it, while some group members stay back to wait with the younger ones! Rider Switch works the same way with Lightning Lane as with FastPass+!

Can you use Rider Switch with lightning lane?

How does a Rider Switch work?

With Rider Switch, one adult or supervising Guest (14 years or older) can wait with non-riders while the rest of the party enjoys the attraction. Then, they simply switch roles to allow the supervising Guest to experience the attraction without waiting in the regular queue again.

What is the best time to ride Avatar Flight of Passage?

If you visit on a day when there aren’t Extra Magic Hours, we highly recommend you arrive at least 30 minutes (preferably 45 minutes to an hour) before the park opens. 5. Prioritize Avatar Flight of Passage over Na’vi River Journey.

What is the Disney rider swap option?

This Disney rider switch option lets one adult ride while the other one stays outside with the little one and then the second adult swaps and doesn’t have to wait the line (usually they will send you through the Fastpass lane). Here are the height restrictions for all four Disney parks and which attractions have the Disney rider swap option.

What happened to FASTPASS at Disney World?

FastPass+ (at Walt Disney World) and FastPass (at Disneyland) have been discontinued. A new system, called Disney Genie (free) and Disney Genie+ (pay-to-use) will debut later this year at both parks.

Which Disney rides require fast passes?

Other rides where we’ve heard that Cast Members have insisted on everybody having a FastPass include Slinky Dog Dash, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, and Space Mountain. Could occur at others as well. However, the way we’ve described it in this article is how it works at most attractions.

Should I use rider switch with Fastpass+?

Recommendation: Use Rider Switch with FastPass+. Just like with paper FastPasses we still highly recommend that you use FastPass+ for only the first group. This means that you’d get FastPasses for just the number of people riding in Group 1.