Did Glee do Rocky Horror?

Season Two, Episode Five The Rocky Horror Glee Show is the fifth episode of Glee’s second season and the twenty-seventh episode overall. It premiered on October 26, 2010. It pays tribute to the 1975 film, The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Who was Dr Frank N Furter in Glee?

Aside from looking frighteningly fabulous, the character gets to belt one of the show’s best-known songs: “Sweet Transvestite.” It turns out, however, that guest star John Stamos, who plays the new squeeze of guidance counselor Emma Pillsbury (Jayma Mays), was originally going to tackle the naughty anthem.

Who was Meat Loaf in glee?

Meat Loaf played ex-delivery boy Eddie in the film, while Bostwick portrayed Brad Majors.

What episode of Glee do they sing thriller?

The Sue Sylvester Shuffle
The Sue Sylvester Shuffle

“The Sue Sylvester Shuffle”
Episode no. Season 2 Episode 11
Directed by Brad Falchuk
Written by Ian Brennan
Featured music “California Gurls” “Need You Now” “She’s Not There” “Bills, Bills, Bills” “Thriller / Heads Will Roll”

Who is the mouth at the beginning of Rocky Horror?

The opening scene and song, “Science Fiction/Double Feature”, consists of the lips of Patricia Quinn (who appears in the film later as the character Magenta and as ‘Trixie the Usherette’ in the original London production, where she also sings the song) but has the vocals of actor and Rocky Horror creator, Richard O’ …

What happened Robin Sylvester?

Robin has been hospitalized for several months, several times in recent years. He has been waiting on a kidney transplant for a decade. Years of ongoing dialysis have subjected his body to ever-more profound challenges. His spirit, however, remains as strong and beautiful – as anyone who has ever known him will attest.