Does the heat pad go under the tank?

Some varieties are self-adhesive, and bond directly to the glass terrarium bottom. Heating pads of this variety conduct heat directly to the enclosure floor and substrate. When properly installed and used, an undertank heating pad can last the life of the terrarium.

Can you put a heating pad under a plastic tank?

Yes, heat mats are safe with a plastic tub. Yes, you do need a thermostat. You need a thermostat for any enclosure with a heat pad to maintain safe temperatures.

How hot do under tank heat mats get?

Heating pads for reptiles usually get no hotter than 120°F, most reach 90-105°F. Under tank heat mats raise the ambient temperatures of a tank by 15°F. Industrial heaters can reach over 200°F.

Where should a heat mat be placed on a tank?

Heat mats and strips can be used on the bottom, side or top of a vivarium or terrarium. If used with a glass enclosure then they can be mounted on the inside or outside of the terrarium. If used with a wooden vivarium then they must only be used inside the vivarium.

Can I put a heat mat under substrate?

Heat Mats for Reptile Vivariums Although they have traditionally been used on the floor of the vivarium under the substrate, this can be dangerous and increases the risk of burning to the animal.

Can you put a heat pad on plexiglass?

I heated a plastic enclosure once by putting a UTH or heat cable on a piece of plexiglass and setting the enclosure over it and had no problem.

Can I put a heat mat on wood?

As long as you have a stat on the mat you should be ok, but yes if they fail they can burn wood and plastic.

Where should I place my under tank heater?

The Under Tank Heater should be placed on the outside of the tank only. If you choose to place the heater on the underside of the tank, be sure to elevate the tank slightly using the included “bump-on feet” or another method to prevent heat encapsulation.

Should a heat mat feel warm?

Do you have a THERMOMETER? A heat pad does not feel warm to the touch and for good reason, if your heat pad is set to achieve 88/92 degrees is is 10+ to 6+ degrees lower than YOUR own body temp hence why it does not feel warm. You need a RELIABLE thermometer until than you will only be guessing.

Do heat mats need thermostats?

You can use the heat mats without the thermostat, but you will run the risk of possibly cooking if you are not careful. Before purchasing your heat mat, consider the conditions you live in.