How do you comment multiple lines in Perl?

In Perl, multi-line comments are also known as block comments and are defined using “=begin” at the start of the line and “=end” at the end of the comment line, and the other way of using block comments is by using quote operators q{}.

How do you comment multiple lines in Visual Basic?

Write your chunk, select it and press Ctrl+K, Ctrl+C to comment it.

How do I comment out a line in a Perl script?

To write a comment in the Perl programming language you need to put the pound # . Everything after this symbol to the end of the line will be a comment.

How do you comment out multiple lines in Visual Studio?

Comment out multiple lines in different positions

  1. Suppose the file is already opened in Visual Studio Code. Select the lines that you want to comment by holding Alt and click anywhere inside that line.
  2. Check again whether you’ve selected them all.
  3. Press Ctrl + / (backslash) to comment out the lines you’ve selected.

How do you write comments in Perl?

There are two ways to comment in Perl: Single line comments….Perl multi line comment starts with (=begin) statement and ends with (=cut) statement.

  1. $x = 20;
  2. print”$x\n”;
  3. =begin.
  4. Let’s declare and.
  5. print variable in Perl.
  6. =cut.

How do you comment a block in Visual Basic?

There is no block comment in VB.NET. You need to use a ‘ in front of every line you want to comment out. Just to clarify for future readers (fellow beginners) this isn’t a three key combo (like Ctrl+Alt+Del) but rather Ctrl+k, Ctrl+c – without releasing ctrl.

How do I toggle comments in Visual Studio?

As for question one, it’s the same shortcut pair: Ctrl+K, Ctrl+C to toggle any comments on, Ctrl+K, Ctrl+U to toggle any comments off.

What is the shortcut for comment in Visual Studio?

Edit: popular shortcuts

Commands Keyboard shortcuts [Special contexts]
Comment selection Ctrl+K, Ctrl+C [Text Editor]
Complete word Alt+Right Arrow [Text Editor, Workflow Designer] or Ctrl+Spacebar [Text Editor, Workflow Designer] or Ctrl+K, W [Workflow Designer] or Ctrl+K, Ctrl+W [Workflow Designer]
Copy Ctrl+C or Ctrl+Insert

How do you write a multiline comment in Perl?

Perl program to demonstrate multiline comment by specifying the beginning and end of the multiline comment section using (=begin) and (=cut) statements. In the above program, we describe the program’s functionality in a multiline comment section using (=begin) and (=cut) statements followed by the program.

Is there a multi-line comment operator in VB?

But there is no multi-line comment operator in VB, unless you count using the keyboard shortcuts like @JonH and @Tedd Hansen said. Share Improve this answer Follow

What are some special use-cases for comments in Perl?

One special use-case is commenting out several lines of code. But if you use a version control system, you can just delete unwanted code rather than commenting it out, and if you ever need it back, just fetch the old revision. Show activity on this post. THis is an expression I guess evaluated while running Perl.

How to comment multiple lines in a script?

Here we can use head and cut to comment multiple lines. Just add =head in the beginning of the script where you need to start commenting and =cut at the end of the line you need to stop commenting. please wait…