How far apart should Thuja Green Giant be planted?

There is also the issue of spacing. How far apart should you plant Green Giant Arborvitae trees? Generally, the advice is to space Green Giant trees anywhere from 3 feet to 10 feet apart depending on how tall the hedge is desired to grow and how large the plants are to begin with.

How wide do Thuja trees get?

12-20 feet
The name Thuja Green Giant is aptly named. These trees can grow up to 3 feet per year until maturity in ideal growing conditions. Their ultimate height is 50-60 feet tall and their width can be up to 12-20 feet.

What happens if you plant arborvitae too close?

The soil your trees are planted in offers a finite number of minerals, vitamins, and other resources. When trees or plants are too close to one another, they compete for these resources. In competition, one plant will win, leaving the other with unmet needs, ultimately stunting their growth or killing them.

Can I plant Green Giants 4 feet apart?

For a living privacy screen or hedge, a windbreak, or a snow break, position Green Giants 5-6 feet apart. Or better yet for a unique green giant hedge, plant them in two rows, 4 feet apart, with the trees staggered 8-15 feet apart within each row.

Can you plant Green Giants 3 feet apart?

Planting Green Giants 3 feet apart results in quick-forming hedgerows; however, planting these trees so close together prevents them from fully developing. In nature, Green Giants reach 15 to 20 feet in width (far more than 3 feet).

How quickly does arborvitae grow?

The green giant arborvitae is a large, vigorous, fast-growing evergreen—shooting up by as much as 3 feet per year until maturity. Its natural pyramidal to conical form boasts dense, rich green foliage that darkens or bronzes slightly in the winter.

How do you plant a 6 foot arborvitae?

How to Plant Arborvitae

  1. Dig the planting hole 2 to 3 times as wide and as deep as the root ball.
  2. Loosen some of the roots in the root ball.
  3. Plant the arborvitae in the hole so that the top edge of the root ball is level with the top of the hole.
  4. Back-fill with soil around the root ball, tamping down with your hands.

How close to a fence can I plant arborvitae?

Due to its tall height and expansive branches, many people like to plant this variety along fence lines to create privacy. Planting it about eight to ten feet from any structure is the ideal distance. This ensures the arborvitae can reach maximum width without damaging your house or fence.

How far apart should I plant Thuja Green giant arborvitae?

Ideal spacing for green giant arborvitae is anywhere 6 to 10 feet apart. If you have questions about spacing and planting Thuja Green Giant Arborvitae, please fill out a contact form for further information.

What is Thu Thuja arborvitae?

Thuja arborvitae has been called the tree of life in latin and was brought to North America to be put in the United States National Arboretum in 1967 from Denmark. You may be wondering how fast do arborvitae grow?

How deep do you plant Thu Thuja?

Thuja should be planted at the same depth in the ground as they were in the pot – do not bury the lower foliage, or leave part of the root-ball exposed above ground. Place the plant in the hole and put back about three-quarters of the soil.

Do Thu Thuja need to be in rows?

Thuja do not of course have to be grown in rows, and as single specimens or groups they make beautiful accent plants in the foundation planting around a house or in shrub beds. With a wide variety of forms available, from upright to rounded, and in green or golden foliage, there is lots of variety to choose from.