What happens if backflow preventer fails?

When the backflow preventer fails to meet this minimum standard, the backflow preventer must be repaired or if necessary, replaced. These minimum standards are set at a level that as the backflow prevention assembly begins to deteriorate in its performance, it can still prevent backflow.

Why is water pouring out of my backflow preventer?

Q. Why is my backflow preventer leaking? A. The backflow preventer is designed to relieve pressure when the watering cycle stops or the system is turned off, so you will see water dripping from it at system shutdown.

What happens if backflow preventer is leaking?

If there is water coming out of your backflow preventer there is a serious problem and you need to take action to fix the problem before backflow enters your water supply or causes water damage. A backflow prevention valve uses a vacuum and ball valve to prevent water from contaminating your drinking water.

What is the total repair kit for the backflow preventer 9d series?

The total repair kit for the backflow preventer 9D Series consists of diaphragm assembly, disc assembly, seat, seat o-ring and two union seals.

What is the part number for the backflow kit?

Specifications ADA Compliant N Part Number 0886010 Product Group BACKFLOW KITS Products Used On 9DM2 Products Used On Size 1/2 IN to 3/4 IN

What is a 9d dual check valve?

Series 9D Dual Check Valves with Intermediate Atmospheric Vent prevent the reverse flow of hot or cold polluted water from entering into the potable water supply. They have a brass body with stainless steel internal parts, integral strainer, and two durable, tight-sealing, rubber check valves.

What is the working pressure of series 9d?

Series 9D is designed for continuous pressure, non-health hazard applications in smaller supply lines, such as laboratory equipment, processing tanks, sterilizers, dairy equipment, and specifically for boiler feed lines. Minimum Working Pressure: 25psi (172kPa), Maximum Working Pressure: 175psi (12.1 bar)